Who Am I

My name is Marcos, and this is my first post.

If you are here, reading this, I promise you we were in the same shoes. Thanks for Joining me. 

Since I was a child, I have always thrived on being the best at what I do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I never met my father and always wanted my mom to be proud of me for such an effort of pushing us forward on her own. 

I have tried since I was a teenager to build something online. Computers, technology, and the simplicity of the web were beautiful to me. Here we are, I’m 30+, and this may be my try number 125 or something.

 Actually, I have made some income online already, more than I had ever expected. However, nothing that lasted enough or made me feel secure enough to leave my professional career aside. 

But let’s be honest, why this try would be different from all the others? The answer is, I believe, approach. 

This time I’m taking the knowledge of my career as a project management professional (PMPĀ®) certified by the PMI, my license is #2158297 in case you want to look it up) and as a media buyer you can look that up in my linked in and applying to this project (Yeap, believe it or not, this is a project with an expected outcome and should be handled as such)

On the other hand, accountability,  in many of my other endeavors, I would always just use a shotgun approach on my online businesses and see what sticks. This time I’m using my persona, face to make me accountable for this and its repercussions on my life.

But oh well! If you are still here, I think you want the question on the Heading to be answered. 

Who Am I?

January 1988 – Birth

Born in a middle-class Family, sunny place. I was born premature and was an addition to an already complete family of 5. My mom had to literally go by herself to the hospital because my dad was not around. He was a heavy drinker and was never around, I don’t hate him, and I’m actually trying to restart my relationship with him as we speak. Still, I can’t literally find him anywhere, so If you know a man called Isaias around its 70s, send him my way it may be the one I’m looking for. He left when I was really young, and the only thing I have left of him is a few pictures.

Since I did not have a fatherly figure, I was always looking up to my older brother as a role model. He is more robust, Smarter, and a lot funnier than me; I love that guy to bits. Moreover, I would look up to any guy 5 years older than me that seemed like a moral person.

 In other words, I had many fathers.

I think somehow that was a blessing that made me see the good on people more often than not :). I’m always looking at that other person. and asking myself, What can I learn? 

Best days of my childhood:

  • Biking with the guys around our houses instead of doing homework
  • Playing Mortal Kombat and killer instinct with my brother and neighbors.
  • Discovering dragon ball (the original, not everything they made up later on)
  • Playing on the streets and Yelling CAAAR! A pause for a moment

2000s College and First girlfriend

Y2K is the most important fact of my life hehe! We were expecting so much, and so little happened. 

This was a stoic lesson for me, not to expect too much out of anything but to enjoy it to the fullest you can- Life is short and is filled with memories, making them good. 

Because of my feeling of owning my mother, my teenage years were of a lot of studies, little fun. 

I was trying to excel. I need to confess I wasn’t the brightest boy among my peers, but I definitely was one of the most disciplined. I had my schedules on check for studying and for playing video games and such. 

My First Car

2005 I was only 16, my mom got me my first car. It was a 2000 dollars used Daihatsu, a tiny car, but I became really fond of the little guy! 

I almost cried when I saw the car for the first time. I could not believe this was a present for me – I can smell a slight odor of cigarettes still today in my memories – it seems the last owner was a smoker. 

Having a car made me a little bit popular at school for rides, this was a real challenge for me because I still believe I’m a shy person. 

For this reason, this made me grow up a bit, as with anything, I am grateful for that. Life has a way of putting you in the right place at the right moment to learn the right lesson. 

However, it’s up to us to try to learn, if we don’t we will be damned to repeat the same things over and over again. 

2006 First Girlfriend

I met her when I was 18. She was formally my first girlfriend.

My shy personality and discipline to study made me get late into girlfriends. However, she found a way into my life, and even though things ended around 3 years later, guess what, yeap you guessed.

 I’m grateful for those experiences! It was a blast, and I learned a lot about myself, girls, and relationships.

I really thought I was gonna be one of those guys that had only one relationship and that was it. But, life had another lesson for me, and I have been through several great and not so great relationships and all so far have come to an end, we will see what happens

2009 College

I graduated from college as an Industrial Engineer with a 3.5 GPA. I got an excellent Job at Colgate, and the world just started opening up! I was one win after another professionally, but at some point, I felt stuck; none of this was filling me any longer. 

Through my mind, I had a million thoughts, but the most resonating one was, what have I done wrong? I had had good grades, studied an excellent career, started a good job. However, I was not feeling it! 

At that point, I knew the only thing to do was quit. 

Even so, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I needed to learn something else besides academics! After much lurking around, I found out about some scholarships at Utah State University! And I said to myself bingo, applied, got accepted, and suddenly I was leaving behind all my life, hometown, a good start of a career and my family. 

I chose an MBA, not knowing what I wanted because I just needed a fresh start to find myself.

2011 – 2014

I became an MBA and learned so much from living on my own. Meet fantastic people and lived some bad news that made me stronger. 

2015 – 2022

This is when I met Ivan, a Successful affiliate marketer. 

This guy lives solely from marketing revenue. Also, he is such an open and nice towards teaching others the ropes of Affiliate Marketing.

I learned everything about CPC and CPA campaigns at its media company. I actually still work remotely to pay back everything that I learned with him and to keep growing that side income. 

The main lesson doesn’t sell or recommend anything you won’t buy yourself. From hosting this site to the widgets I use, I would never recommend something that I have not tried myself. 

It’s about empathy, helping others. I do believe in Karma, and it definitely multiplies what you put out there. Share knowledge and help others, and that vibe will keep you in track towards success.

The main focus of this media company is media buy, this is where you pay for space on the internet to post ads. If your campaign is successful, you will earn massively more of what you invest. This is a faster and more reliable way of making money online. Unfortunately, it requires a massive amount of capital to scale correctly. 

While I was learning the ropes of CPA and CPC affiliate marketing, I started working at a Telecom company where I grew as a PMP and actually certified myself.

 You can look me up at the PMI. Great institution if you want to perfect and validate all your knowledge on project management. 

The click.

2020 was the year I decided to launch this blog. At some point, it felt like all the planets aligned for this project to start, and when God talks, you better listen. 

I’ve postponed this project for many years, but I got an epiphany because of the following events of 2020.

  • The documentary on Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan – Last Dance
  • Jim Kwik book – Limitless
  • Covid-19
  • Hunger for a more Balanced life
  • Break up (Massive)
  • Desire to travel the world

I Will be giving details of this later. In the meantime, as per my project Plan, I need to post this today, Sunday, 17 2020, so I will stick to it. 

These situations and content showed me that life is now, I have to act or I will never be truly ready. I will never have all the knowledge or perfect Grammatics. I need to be humble about it and keep pushing forward. 

Also, If I fail, I would have learned so much from the process that will guide closer to eventual success and.or fulfillment.

I want to tell you If you are having second thoughts about a project or a potential business. If you run a base analysis and it makes sense to you GO, start now, get a domain, write your first draft. The moment its now, if you don’t try, you will never make it.

I will try my best to guide you and grow the odds of you reaching the goal along with me and many others!

When I’m not here writing I’m giving private consulting services to several clients. Dont doubt to shoot me an email at misaias@misaias.com if you need any help in either.


 Marcos Isaias

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