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"Your online presence should be treated as a project, not a hobby. In a world of digital transformation, a well curated online presence is what will set you apart from others."

Digital Presence

You need a plan. As a Project Manager, I have learned that having a plan can help your results in the long run. Learn more about PM Skills here


It does not matter if you are a business or and individual. To build your online presence, you need to create content; I recommend a Blog. Learn More

Business AI Tools

To develop your digital presence (Personal or Business). You will get further and faster with the right AI and Management Tools


The most important part of being online is to learn how to monetize your online presence. Through Affiliate Marketing, Products, etc.

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Hi, I'm Marcos, and this is my personal space for Content Creation and Digital Presence
With 7+ Years of experience I show you the best tools and techniques to develop your personal or company brand in 2023.

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