How to Grow Your Online Presence Fast with a PMP approach

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Hi, I'm Marcos, and this is my personal space for Content Creation and Online Monetization.

With 7+ Years of experience I write well thought content for people looking to get the most out of online endevours.

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"Your online presence should be treated as a project, not a hobby. Join me, and lets navigate this wonderful world together with the right approach"
Marcos Isaias
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Blogging should not be hard.  Building a personal or business image online with the right mindset, plan and blueprints makes your odds of succeeding in this ever changing market a lot easier

The main problem with Learning how to build your brand trough a blog in 2022 is that we outdated approach, we are not longer in 1990 where almost anything could have a good result

Blogging has become so accessible that virtually everyone can do it, if not I would not be here. However, just a few have the right plan, discipline and focus to make it succeed. Knowing what to do and when is what can set you apart from millions of blogs that struggling to make a considerable income every year.

Has a project manager myself I have learned over time to make a plan and focus on steps  to see the results.

So, what do you need to succeed at blogging in 2022? 


You need to be able to choose the right niche, not based only on your passion. This is a project, not a hobby remember?. Also, you will need the right tools and blueprints to get the most out of your planning phase.



Follow your plan, launch your blog and focus on growth. It is important that you do not focus all your time just on writting. Yes, content is key however it is not content alone what will make your blog hit the 1st page of search engines. 

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One of the most important part of this project is the project progress monitoring. You need to follow up on your traffic, choose the right monetization strategies and correct execution. Analyze your visitors behaviors and reaction to funnel your potential revenue and be able to get that desired passive income.

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Without the right planning you will be in the dark. You need the right templates and blueprints to choose a profitable and niche


Define your target audience, correctly. Choose the right tools to fullfill their need


Design your content, start writing o hiring. Get the right resources, softwares and affilliate programs to get a clean and attractive website


In this stage you will test your concept, Make sure your SEO it's set up correctly and your website content has the right keyword


Officially launch your Blog

Mantain and Evolve

Track your content, it's reactions and impact, and start promoting your content, implement the right strategies to get back links. Come back to your content periodically and evolve it

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