Best AI Novel Writing Software Tools of 2023

Updated: April 12, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

Best AI Novel Writing Software Tools of 2023

Meta Description: Are you looking for an AI novel writing tool to take over the tedious bits of your work? Read on for our review of the best AI novel writing programs in 2023!

The power of AI writing tools has taken the world by storm since late 2022. Some people are rightfully amazed by how coherent and articulate these bots have become, while others fear them taking their place in the future.

But people now realize the potential of AI as a tool in a writer’s belt rather than a competitor. And with the right program, practice, and tweaking, you can use an AI novel writing tool to help you express your ideas more creatively, write more quickly, and overcome writer’s block.

So if you’re uncertain where to start, keep reading as we’ll review the best AI novel writing tools in 2023 to help you find your match!

At a Glance 

The 5 Best AI Novel Writing Tools in 2023

Now let’s look at each of these tools in more detail and discuss their most prominent features.

1. Jasper - Best Overall Pick

Jasper copywritin ai tools that I use for and recommend

Jasper, previously known as Jarvis AI, is one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market today, especially among bloggers and content writers.

And not only can Jasper write excellent copy and blog posts, but it also works exceptionally well for story-writing, hence its inclusion as our first pick on this list.

Once you’re in the Jasper dashboard, you’ll find templates for creative writing ideas that can help you come up with plots or events in your story. This works well for writing fiction novels.

We also loved Jasper’s built-in word processor, though you can also write in an external document and use the browser extension if that’s more your thing.

Lastly, we should note that Jasper’s popularity comes at a hefty cost. It can be a bit pricey for some, but it’s a worthy investment if you can afford it.

2. Rytr - Budget Pick

Rytr front page

If your budget doesn’t allow you to go for a premium service like Jasper, or if you don’t even have a budget to allocate to such a tool, then you should consider Rytr.

It is one of the most affordable AI novel writing tools, and it even has a free forever plan.

But just because a tool is cheap or free doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. And Rytr is a testament to that, as it can generate excellent stories of various lengths and genres and has additional features like a document editor and plagiarism checker.

3. Sudowrite - Best for Brainstorming

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Sudowrite is another brilliant AI novel writer that uses complex algorithms inspired by GPT-3 to suggest what to write next, such as relevant phrases and keywords. It’ll also suggest synonyms to make your writing more engaging and poetic.

It can also help you plan out your novel by outlining the story or suggesting plot ideas. And if you want to generate your content immediately, you can give it a prompt, which will give you 1,000 words right away.

There’s also the brainstorming partner, which generates ideas non-stop and learns what you like to give you better suggestions in the future.

4. Writesonic - Most Straightforward

writesonic landing page

Writesonic is an all-in-one AI writing tool capable of generating anything from entire blog posts to single paragraphs or post outlines. But apart from those features, we adored the story generator, which can craft compelling stories in no time based on the prompt you feed it.

To use the story generator, write a description of what you want, specify the genre, word count, character detail, and any other input you want, then click. It’s that simple.

Writesonic’s story generator can also write with a remarkably human-like level of emotion that you won’t see in many other programs.

5. ClosersCopy - Best for Language Support

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We recognize that not all of you will necessarily be English writers. Or even if you are, you might want to translate your novel into other languages for maximum reach. And while many AI writing tools support a few languages, few do as many as ClosersCopy, which supports 128 languages!

And not only can you choose different languages, but you also dictate the tone and style of the content. For example, you can choose a casual tone over a formal one in Spanish.

ClosersCopy is also cleverly split into three different variants: BlogAI, SalesAI, and StoryAI. Naturally, the latter is the one we’re interested in. And although it’s not as advanced as its competitors as of now, we expect it to grow as it learns more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI Generate New Stories?

In a sense, yes, AI can generate new stories based on the information you give it, but unless you’re specific with your input, such as providing a certain plot or theme, chances are the AI might not produce the most engaging story out there.

That being said, AI can also generate ideas that may not have crossed your mind while you were coming up with your story.

Is AI Novel Writing Considered Cheating?

No, writing a novel (or anything else, for that matter) using AI isn’t cheating or plagiarism. AI tools have plenty of checks in place to ensure that the results produced are as human as possible and don’t contain any plagiarism.

However, note that if you’re contracted with a publisher or any other agency, they might have rules in check preventing you from using an AI tool to write, so check with them first.

The Bottom Line

That’s everything for our roundup of the best AI novel writing tools in 2023! Our list is by no means an exhaustive one, but the tools here are truly excellent at what they do. 

But if we had to recommend the most balanced and well-rounded of them all, we’d go with Jasper. Otherwise, if you’re on a tight budget, you can also try Rytr.

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