10 Best AI Story Generator Tools for Writers (In-depth Analysis 2023)

Updated: April 4, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

Writer's block is the talk of the past now. Gone are the days of staring at a blank page with the cursor blinking on the screen and no ideas coming to mind. Thanks to AI story generators, the future of storytelling and content creation looks brighter than ever.

When it comes to fiction writing, these ai story generators can do wonders—no more hours of brainstorming, no need for heavy research, and no more lack of inspiration. You can create creative characters, develop compelling storylines, and generate remarkable plot twists in no time with the help of these tools.

All you need is to choose the right AI story generator tool for your project, make it your own, and voila!

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Jasper AI Story Generator

Best AI Writer in general on the market

  • Most Complete Interface in the market
  • Versatile for any type of novel or story
  • Different tones of voices, such as Oprah or Shakespeare



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To make your job easy, we have come up with a list of the 6 best AI story generator tools for writers in 2023.

See, I have spent hours researching and comparing the features, AI capabilities, the usability of each tool, and what makes each ai story tool a powerful ai story generator. 

Remember, AI-generated stories have been gaining a real fraction in 2023, so you don't want to miss out on these tools. From free to paid, these are the best options you can find this year:

1)Jasper AI

If you ever say the word 'ai writing tool,' Jasper AI should be the name that comes to your mind. Jasper has been dominating the market for the past three years, and it's nowhere to stop.

Jasper is an ai-powered story-generating tool that is powered with deep learning, neural network, and natural language processing. 

It is one of the most powerful tools in the market and can easily write compelling stories, and create storylines, characters, and plots for your fiction stories.

The CEO of Jasper recently announced they have upgraded the GPT-3 engine to GPT-3.5, which adds more AI capability to the tool, making it even more powerful.

Now, that was an overview of why I ranked Jasper AI as the top pick on this list. Let's now have a look at what makes my statement more convincing.

What are the Unique Features of Jasper AI?

Well, the list is long, but let me mention the most important ones.

50+ Templates:

Jasper AI has 50+ templates that you can use to create different types of content. It's not just limited to fiction writing. Think of any type of writing, be it creative, technical, or marketing; you can get the right template for it.

Check this screenshot from Creative Story Template:

Results from Jasper AI Story generator

Do you see? How creative and engaging the story looks? I just gave a little background, kicked the generator button, and Jasper gave me two ideas on how to develop the story further.

Cool, isn't it? Let's move on.

Check this screenshot:

All these templates would help you create engaging stories that your readers will love.

Jasper Templates

Tone of Voice, keyword, and Language selection: 

This is another cool feature that makes Jasper AI stand out. It has a tone of voice option, which will help you choose the voice of any famous author you like or create your own unique voice. Let's say if you select ‘fantasy,' Jasper will generate plots and storylines related to the genre.

Plus, it has a keyword option which you can use to highlight certain words that you want the AI to focus on. This will help create more specific content around the topic.

And lastly, it has a language selection tool so that you can give commands and get content in the desired language.

Check this screenshot:

Grammarly Screen Shot

It's just the screenshot, but when you will use it, you will get to experience more cool features of Jasper AI.

Jasper Art:

Here comes the best part. Jasper Art is also an AI-based art generator that creates artwork by analyzing the text you provide. You can create cover images, bookmarks, and other illustrations with this tool.

It is powered by deep learning and natural language processing that creates visually stunning images to enhance your stories further. 

Some users have created entire comic books just by using Jasper Art.

I have tried, and it works like a charm. Check this screenshot:

3 examples of images of AI art

See all this wonderful artwork? Some of the members from Jasper created them with Jasper Art.

Chome Extension:

This is another great feature of Jasper AI. It has a Chrome Extension that you can install on your browser to access all the features and tools of Jasper AI quickly.

This extension also helps save your work so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Jasper recently announced this feature; before that, you had to log in every time you wanted to access your work.

This extension was a much-needed feature, and it also made the tool more user-friendly.

Jasper Chat:

A wonder in itself, Jasper Chat is a conversational AI that can answer any question. More like the search engine Google where you can find the answers to any query.

It works as Google does. Just write what you want to ask, click, and Jasper Chat will go into billions of web pages and give you the most accurate answer.

It is powered by natural language processing, machine learning, and gigantic datasets from Google Books and Wikipedia.

Example of uses of google and wikipedia to produce AI content
when generating AI stories

You can use Jasper Chat to find answers to any of your questions related to creating twisted plots or learning about the characters of your story.

Boss Mode:

Here is the last (not least) but the most important feature of Jasper AI. This is called the ‘Boss Mode,’ and it helps you take complete control over your content creation process. The templates are somehow limited as they provide you only with a few options.

However, Boss Mode helps you get creative and gives you the liberty to create your own unique stories without any restrictions. You can use this mode to create your own tailor-made stories as you wish.

These were some of the features of Jasper AI that makes it a must-have tool for all content creators.

Jasper ai pricing: What does Jasper AI cost?

Jasper is a credit-based platform which means you only pay for the credits you use. Though Jasper is a bit costly compared to other AI tools, it is worth the money. They offer a 5-day free trial with 10k words credit, and after that, you can choose from their 3 plans:

  • Starter: You get 20k words credit for $40/month
  • Boss Mode: You get 50k words credit for $80/ month
  • Business: This plan is custom-made, and you can get in touch with the team for details
Jasper Prices, Starter

Jasper Art Pricing: How much does Jasper Art cost?

Jasper offers one plan for Jasper Art. You can generate as many images, artwork, and illustrations as you want with this plan. It costs $20/month. All the images are high-resolution and can be used for commercial purposes.

Now, let's move to other Ai tools available in the market.

2) Sudowrite:

Sudowrite featured image

Sudowrite is another AI-based tool dedicated to content creators, fictional writers, publishers, and bloggers. It offers a wide range of features, such as AI-based writing assistants, natural language processing, and more.

It helps you write faster and better, create stories, and format your content easily. If at 3 am, you want to write something but don’t have any ideas, Sudowrite will never judge you (That's what the homepage says) and offer you topic suggestions. 

Its algorithm supports long-form content and is compatible with almost all popular word processors.

The following are some features of Sudowrite:

Smooth interface:

What I like about Sudowrite is the tool doesn't have any guided walkthrough like other AI tools.

If you want to use it, just start using it. Its interface is very user-friendly.

Check this screenshot:

Example of prompt to sudowriter AI story generator

All you need is to add the concept, configure the settings, and click "Start Writing." Sudowrite will generate the content in no time. You can get up to 1000 words based on the concept you enter.

Brainstorm ideas:

Sometimes, it's difficult to get ideas for content. Sudowrite offers a unique Brainstorm feature which helps you come up with interesting and creative ideas in no time. 

Let's say you are facing difficulty naming your detective character, all you need to do is enter the genre, and Sudowrite will generate ideas for character names.


If you are a fictional writer, you understand it. Just writing dialogues or actions won't make your story more alive. You need to describe the environment of your story, characters as well as dialogues. This is where Sudowrite helps you.

Its AI-based Describe feature helps you create descriptions easily. Describe the settings and even the characters of your story without going into too much detail. This makes your story more alive and helps readers imagine the characters in a better way.

Rewrite an existing paragraph:

Editing is hard. Only writers know it. If you are tired of editing your story or blog post, just enter the text in Sudowrite, and its AI-based algorithm will rewrite it. It helps you in rewriting an existing sentence or paragraph without any plagiarism. 

If you have written a complete chapter but think it is not good enough, all you need to do is copy and paste it in Rewrite, and the tool will generate a completely original version.

Original version of a text created by Sudowriter

All you need is the select the paragraph, and Sudowrite will show you options to rewrite, describe, expand or visualize it.


As the name of the feature suggests, it helps you to expand your content. Let's say you are stuck with a short idea. Just enter the concept, and Sudowrite will generate an article that is more than 1000 words for you.

Tone-shift mode:

This feature is something I haven't seen in any other AI tools. It allows you to shift the tone of the content. You can use it to change the tone from formal to conversational or vice versa. This is really cool because sometimes you need to change the tone of the content to target a different audience.

Sudowrite Google Docs Extension:

Sudowrite recently announced their Google Docs extension, which is really cool. Now you don't need to switch between the tools while working on content. However, it's in Beta and only supports Write (Auto), Describe, and Rewrite features as of now.


This is the best feature of Sudowrite. It has read millions, if not billions, of stories, articles, and blog posts are written by writers like you, which helps the AI to improve its algorithm.

When it's done generating your content, Sudowrite offers you feedback related to the content. It will show you suggestions that can help you improve the content and create interesting story plots, characters, or any other aspect. This is really helpful for writers who are looking to improve their skills.

another example of Sudowriter output

Sudowrite pricing: How much does Sudowrite cost?

Sudowriting pricing

Following are the plans of Sudowrite:

3) Rytr.ai

Ryty.ai AI Story generator landing page explaning what are its benefits

Want o write story plots 10x faster? Rytr.ai is here to help you! This AI-based storytelling tool helps fiction writers come up with story plots 10 times faster than they would do manually. 

It's not limited to fictional writing as it supports any kind of content like blogs, articles, and more.

But fictional writing is Rytr's one of the most powerful feature.

With 40+ use cases, templates, and 30+ language support, Rytr.ai is a must-have AI tool for fiction writers. It helps in quickly creating plots and stories that are more creative and interesting compared to manual writing. 

It also supports 20+ tones of voice for you to create stories that are more targeted at a particular audience.

And you don't need any technical knowledge to use it, as the user interface is very simple and easy to use. It doesn't only help you create stories quickly but also helps you save time by suggesting the best story plots and characters.

I did an In Depth Review of the Rytr tool because I had a good experience with it. If you have time go check it put

How does Rytr help in writing creative stories?

Rytr.ai is powered by an AI engine that helps you come up with unique story plots and characters in no time. It provides assistance in understanding your character's motivation, creating story ideas, and helps you stay on track.

Following are the steps that Rytr follows to help you write creative stories:

Step 1: Select the language

Step 2: Select the tone

Step 3: Choose the use case:

Step 4: Give a concept of the story

Rytr.ai AI Story Generator featured image

Once all these steps are done, click the 'Ryte More' button, and Rytr will generate a unique story plot for you. You can also customize your stories by adding characters, themes, plots, etc.

What are the Use Cases of Rytr' That Support Writers?

Story plot: 

We talked about it how Rytr helps in generating story plots 10 times faster.

Append Content: 

Need help to finish what you started? Rytr can help you with that too. It helps writers to create content by adding relevant content to what they have already written. This is really helpful for writers who need assistance completing their stories or articles quickly.

Continue Ryting:

In this use case, Ryte will assist in auto write more content for the part you have already written. This is a great feature for writers who need to rewrite their stories and don't have much time on hand.

Improve Content: 

Rytr's AI-driven engine can help you identify common words, phrases, and errors in your content. This helps you quickly spot mistakes and make improvements to your content to make it more impactful.


If you're having trouble using the right words, Rytr can help you with that too. It helps writers substitute difficult words with more common ones to make it easier for readers to understand.

Rewordeing feture of Rytr.ai AI story generator

Rytr.ai pricing: How much does Rytr.ai cost?

There are three plans:

  • Free plan: It offers 10k characters per month
  • Saver plan: 1000k characters for $9 per month
  • Unlimited plan: Unlimited characters for $29 per month.
Rytr.ai Plans

Overall, Rytr.ai is an amazing AI-based tool for fiction writing. It helps you generate creative stories and content quickly by assisting in understanding your characters and generating story ideas.

I highly recommend Rytr.ai to all the fiction writers out there – give it a try, and you won't regret it!

4) Story Lab:

Story Lab featured Image

Creating story ideas and outline is the most difficult part of writing fiction. With Story Lab, you can generate story ideas and outlines in no time.

Story Lab is an AI-based tool for fiction writers that helps you create compelling stories in no time. Its easy-to-use and intuitive user interface make it a great choice for writers who don't have much time on their hands.

It uses neural network algorithms to generate story ideas based on your input. In fact, Story Lab also provides suggestions about characters and plot points that you can use in your story.

What are the most useful templates for writing stories:

Well, Story Lab provides various templates for writing fiction stories. Here are some of the most useful templates:

Idea Generator: 

As the name suggests, it helps you generate unique story ideas. Idea Generator is the perfect tool for writers who are stuck in a creative rut.

Paragraph Generator: 

It helps you create and structure paragraphs based on the story idea that you have generated. This is a great tool for writers who want to create compelling stories quickly. It can reword and rearrange sentences to make your story more interesting. It will create multiple versions of the same story so that you can choose the best one.

Both of these tools help writers easily create interesting and captivating stories. I suggest you should give other templates a try, too. They can help you write stories in a fraction of the time.

Story Lab pricing: How much does Story Lab cost?

Story Lab Pricing

Story Lab has 4 plans; one is free, and three are paid.

Check the screenshot for pricing: 

5) NovelAI

Novel AI Story Generator

You know who is benefiting the most from artificial intelligence tools? Writers! AI-powered tools like NovelAI are taking the fiction writing world by storm.

NovelAI is a powerful AI tool that helps writers to create and manage their fiction writing projects. It offers many fiction genres you can choose from, like romance, fantasy, horror, etc. Whatever fits best with your story, NovelAI will help you make the writing process easier. 

I love NovelAI because it allows you to write like your favorite authors. It has a library of famous authors, from which you can select and use to get their style of writing.

NovelAI also has an image generation tool that assists you in visualizing your content. It helps you to create illustrations for your content quickly.

NovelAI also offers a powerful analytics tool that helps you in finding out what kind of stories are working for certain niches or topics. This is really helpful for writers who want to know the trends in their niche.

How does NovelAI work?

Unlike other ai story generator software, NovelAI doesn't require credit card details or your Gmail address to access its services. Just click get started, and you will be directed to the main page.

Check this screenshot:

NOVEL AI Where to write story

All NovelAI needs is a few words brief that describes the genre you want to write, and it will generate a unique story plot according to that. NovelAI will provide you with a great story plot for no matter how small or big the project is.

What features made me include NovelAI in my list?

NovelAI offers a range of features that make it stand out from the rest of the AI-based tools.

Here are some of them:

Storyteller mode: 

Storyteller mode helps you to write stories faster. It needs some details from you, such as character names and plot points, and it will automatically generate a story for you. It will generate the story piece by piece with just a click. You can write, rewrite, and edit the pieces as per your need.

Text Adventure mode: 

Text Adventure mode helps you to create an interactive story for your readers. This feature is helpful for game writers who need to create a narrative that changes in real time. I personally love this feature. How it turns your imagination into reality is just amazing.

Image generation mode: 

Writers type examples

If you want to create illustrations for your stories, this mode is really helpful. It helps you to generate images quickly and accurately according to your story. This feature is separately paid, but it is worth every penny.

Write Like your favorite author: 

Choose Like what author you want to write like

This is a very cool feature. It helps you to write like your favorite author by generating the same style of writing and text patterns. NovelAI has an ai model that can write famous authors' books for you. It can also take your writing to your personalized themes, stories, and characters.

Story encryption: 

This feature will allow you to create secure stories that can be accessed only by your trusted users. It will help you to keep your stories safe from any unauthorized access.

NovelAI pricing: How much does NovelAI cost?


NovelAI has a free trial. However, image generation isn't included in the free trial. You would need to take a paid package to get access to this feature. The pricing varies according to the different packages they have. It also has three paid plans:

Check this screenshot for the pricing details of NovelAI:

NovelAI is a perfect tool for all fiction writers who want to make their stories more interesting and engaging. It is also very handy for game writers or authors who need to create interactive stories. With its powerful features, it is definitely worth a try. 

So, if you are looking for a good AI story generator, NovelAI is the perfect choice for you.

6) Sassbook

Templates FOR SaaSbook

Sassbook is an AI-driven story-creation platform that uses advanced natural language processing technology to generate unique stories. It helps you to create stories quickly, easily, and accurately. It also offers a range of features that make it stand out from other AI story generators.

All you need is to type a few words as a prompt, and Sassbook will generate a couple of paragraphs. The quality of the output depends on the input you provide. It has various features such as character development, plot twists, and dialogue generation that help you to create compelling stories.

Sassbook helps with any genre, be it sci-fi, horror, fantasy, or romance. It also helps you to write stories in different tones, such as serious, humorous, and whimsical. In fact, you can set the number of words you need generated in one prompt, which is really cool as sometimes ai tools tend to generate too many words.

Saasbook Feature 2023

What feature of Sassbook Ai Story Generator help with story writing:

AI summarizer: 

This feature helps to quickly summarize a story that has already been written. It can be used to get ideas for stories or even just create a rough synopsis of your story.

AI headline generator: 

This feature helps create headlines for your story that will grab readers' attention. This feature helps to make your story stand out from the crowd.

AI story writer: 

This feature helps to generate stories with the help of AI technology. You just need to provide some basic information, such as character names, plot points, and settings, and the AI will generate a story for you.

AI writer:

For more general writing tasks, Sassbook has its own AI writer. This feature can help you with any type of writing task, such as blog posts, articles, reviews, and more. It can also be used for creative writing, such as creating poems or short stories.

Sasbook pricing: How much does Sassbook cost?

Sassbook has a free trial. You can access all the features but with very limited access.

For the paid version, you need to choose from one of the three packages they offer. The pricing varies according to the different packages they have.

Check this screenshot for a better understanding of Sassbook pricing:

Saasbook AI Story Genrator pricing system

Sassbook has configuration options that let you customize the AI to your liking. What number count do you need per prompt, you can choose the style, and Sassbook adds links that add double the fun to your stories. 

Overall, I believe Sassbook isn't as advanced as Jasper or Rytr, but it is still a great tool for all types of writers, no matter their skill level. It has some really cool features that will make your story stand out from the rest. So, if you're looking for a story generator that is easy to use and has great features, Sassbook might be the perfect tool.

7) Narrative Device AI

Narrative Device Featured Image

Narrative Device AI is relatively new and less powerful than the others we have discussed by now. It also uses natural language processing to generate paragraph response based on the themes you enter. It helps you create captivating stories in no time.

Using Narrative Device AI is easy; all you have to do is enter the theme into its AI engine, and it will generate a paragraph based on the theme. You can use what output it brings you as an inspiration to build a story.

This initiative was taken by a Ph.D. student who is testing what AI  can do with storytelling.

The best thing about Narrative Device AI is it's free to use for generating up to 5 stories with one free token.

You can mix any two themes, and it will generate a creative story combining those two themes. It's a great way to come up with fresh and unique ideas without taking too much time.

For instance, I added Love and Hate as a theme, and it generated an interesting story.

Check this paragraph:

"Though she had been married for years, she could not help but to think of the day that he had proposed. It was the happiest day of her life, until the day he told her he was leaving. She had begged and pleaded with him to stay, but it was all for naught. As she watched him drive away, she swore she would never love again."

Do you see? Narrative Device AI is a powerful tool for fiction writers who want to come up with ideas quickly.

Is Narrative Device AI free?

Well, no. It allows you to generate 5stories for one free token. You need to spend $5 to get 100  stories. If you need more, it's still cheap compared to other story generators.

8) Closercopy

Closecopy AI Story Generator software featured image

We rank Jasper as one of the top three story generators, but Closer Copy can be as good as Jasper. It's a powerful machine learning ai tool that helps writers quickly create compelling stories, paragraphs, dialogues, storylines, and more.

What I love about CloserCopy is its framework for every kind of content. Its features are tailored to creative writers, non-fiction storytellers, SEO writers, and journalists.

In CloserCopy, you can generate stories in any genre: crime, thriller, romance, horror, sci-fi, and so on.

The best thing is you can write a complete ebook in no time. All you need to do is pick the story elements, use any framework(based on what you want to write) and Closer Copy will generate exactly the same results within seconds.

Its 700+ frameworks will help you in every aspect of writing your story—for instance, paragraph generator, complete article writing, song generator, and more.

Having Closecopy by your side, you can easily get ideas for stories, dialogue, and scenes. You can save your time and energy by simply using CloserCopy.

Closer Copy pricing: How much does Closer Copy cost?

Closer Copy has 3 plans;

  • $49.99 per month
  • $79.99 per month
  • $99.99 per month.
pricing of Closercopy

Check this screenshot for the pricing structure: 

Overall, Closercopy deserves the place as an incredible story generator. It's been improving its interface and features to make sure it meets the needs of writers.

9) Copy AI

Copy AI Writer featured image

Copy AI is an artificial intelligence story generator that helps you quickly create stories, captions, and titles. It’s an excellent tool for writers who don’t have enough time or ideas to come up with their own content.

Copy AI uses GPT-3.5 to understand your output, like the genre, length, and mood you would like. Then it will generate a rough draft of your story with the help of natural language processing.

It can mimic any genre's style and produce a unique and creative story.

Let's say your input is a “love story,” and you want it to be romantic. Copy AI will generate a story with the right tone and theme.

I personally love the freestyle template, which helps you generate stories without any prior knowledge. All you have to do is provide Copy AI with the context, and it will write a story for you.

Here is how Copy AI works:

1: What are you looking to create?

Here you have to tell Copy AI the type of story you want it to generate and the genre.

2: What are the main points of your story?

Here, you can provide the AI with small details about your story, such as character names, locations, and key events. The overall plot should be provided in the input.

3: Check the results.

Once you’re finished entering the details, Copy AI will generate a story according to your input. You can approve, modify, or reject the output.

Copy AI has a Chrome extension that you can use to generate stories quickly. It's best suited for journalists, authors, bloggers, and anyone who needs quick and creative writing.

Copy AI pricing: How much does Copy AI cost?

Copy AI pricing

Copy AI has two plans;

Copy AI  is a great story generator that uses advanced AI technology to generate quality stories quickly. It is more suited to marketers, online writers, and those who need quick content. But if you add great input, you can get even better results.

10) Writersonic

Writesonic AI Story generator featured image

Writersonic is another great tool for writers who need to generate quick stories. It also uses AI-driven algorithms to suggest themes and topics for your stories, as well as plot points and characters.

Writersonic also helps you craft compelling stories by providing templates and story structures to help you write faster. It allows you to build characters and settings easily and also helps you create believable plots.

When you give input to the tool, it uses its artificial intelligence to analyze it and develop a creative, compelling output. You can then analyze, edit, and refine the generated content before you use it in your story.

What are the essential features of Writesonic?

Writesonic offers several features that make it an ideal tool for fiction writers.

AI paraphrasing tools: 

If you have an existing story and want to give it a fresh twist, Writesonic's AI paraphrasing tool can help. It rewords any story quickly and accurately, so you can make it more captivating.

Text Expander: 

This feature helps you save time on writing by allowing you to create shortcuts for commonly used words and phrases. All you need to do is enter the shortcut you want to use and the text it should expand into.

WordPress plugin: 

Writesonic also offers a WordPress plugin that helps you easily integrate the tool into your blog or website. You can quickly add content to any page or post with a few clicks.

Writesonic is a great tool for writers who want to quickly save time and create impressive stories.

Writersonic recently launched a ChatGPT alternative named Chatsonic, which works wonderfully to provide answers to every question in natural language processing. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to understand the context of a conversation and generate an appropriate response in real time.

ChatGPT competitor created by writesonic caled chatsonic

You can ask questions about your story, including characters, theme, plot structure, etc. Chatsonic will provide you with answers that are tailored to your specific needs.

Writersonic pricing: How much does Writersonic cost?

Overall, I would say that Writersonic is the go-to tool for writers who want to 10x their writing speed. Thousands of writers use Writersonic to generate stories quickly and accurately. You can use the tool for free and upgrade to pro plans if you need more features.

Final Verdict: AI Story Generator Tools

There you go! All these tools have been thoroughly compared, offering unique features that make creating stories a breeze. I prefer Jasper as it is the best ai story generator tool for its powerful AI and other features.

The recent addition of Jasper Chat has made it more powerful, and the Boss mode helps you create custom stories. Also, Jasper Art is an add-on for creating visually stunning images for your stories.

Rytr is also a great option if you are looking for a comprehensive ai story-writing tool. Overall, the requirements of the story makers are well taken care of by these AI writing tools. But it’s up to you which one you prefer based on the features and pricing.



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