Mobilo Landing Page Generator 2024

Updated: June 12, 2024

By: Marcos Isaias

If you followed my last article, I wrote a detailed review of Mobilo digital business cards, which I believe is the present and future of business networking.

This time, I want to dive deeper into how Mobilo’s Digital Business Card Landing Page can benefit your personal brand or business.

For me this is a game changer feature thatt no other business card is bringing with this amount of flexibility. 

Believe me, I have tried many. 

I connected with experts from Mobilo who shared with me a comprehensive overview of how Mobilo Landing Pages work and what it can do for your business. 

But, what is a Digital Business Card Landing Page? 

Hang with me, it is simple, I promise.

 A Digital Business Card Landing Page is; it's essentially a landing page specifically designed to share and capture user’s information such as contact details and other relevant fields. imagine it like an Instagram profile but for your business profile. 

All this information in case of the MOBILO card gets pulled from your personal profile attached to your business card. 

You can add:

  • Your company logo
  • Brand colors
  • Your social media links
  • YouTube channel or specific video
  • An opt-in form for collecting user data
  • And in case of MOBILO many many other cool things, way to many for me to list here.

How cool thats is, right? Nope. There is a lot more to it.

Anything on your profile can be customized, and you can add or remove as many objects (buttons) to your Landing Page as you want. 

Below an example of my profile and everything you can put. All of those are potential interactions on your landing page.

Mobilo screenshot

This profile customization fields is just the tip of the iceberg so please hang on Let's go into details.

Here’s how you can create, customize, and share your Digital Business Card Landing Page with Mobilo:

Mobilo Landing Pages: The Process

When you access your Mobilo account, you will find a beta landing page editor that lets you build your own landing page. 

This is how it looks for my personal brand. Originally it will show your main card model but this is also customizable.

Menues screenshot

I am not the most artistic person there is but this is me building a landing page. 

This is a really simple page that I created in a few seconds but dont be fooled you can create really interesting stuff and here some examples. Here some beutiful examples from their campaign.

Are you a fruitloop or a minimalist? Does not matter MOBILO has somethingfor you, Profile fexiblity is a strong point for me. 

Example of lp

Mobilo lp

Header and appearance:

There were so many features and elements that I could customize that it felt a bit overwhelming at first.

This allows controlling the top part of the landing page design, i.e., the picture, background image, color coding, title, and logo/icon.

Now, Let's customize my landing page with Mobilo's Brand Colour Palette. Selecting colors is easy and 

I prefer this simple color scheme, but you can choose whatever works for your brand.

Mobilo gives you many options for header layout: Show your profile picture or just show your logo. The header can be either with sharp edges or round edges.

Name and last name

I chose to include my profile picture for a personal touch with round edges.

Check here:

Menues screenshot

The Landing page flexibility is also an interesting part, you can choose to hide your name, description, company name, and headline. It's up to you what personal details are shown on the landing page.

I'm keeping all of them visible for the sake of my example

Once you finish setting up the header, it's time to move onto the body of the page.

Contact Information:

Now you can show all your important contact details on the page. Choose fields like telephone number, address, email, etc., which you want to display in the body of the page.

Let's start with the email section and see how customization looks.

As you can see, there are different options that you can select, such as its title, description, personalized email icon, and even color coding. Everything in the profile can be moved around until you are pleased with the final appearance.

For instance, if you are from the corporate sector, you can name your email title as corporate email and give a specific email icon. 

Email box

You have control over all these elements to make the landing page more personalized according to your brand needs.

I preferred their default icon, and I left the title as it is but it is fully customizable.

You can change the background color of the button, email icon, or even the overall background color of the section.

I did not do much changes to this section for the sake of my test but I will probably be spending some hours in the next week enriching my profile. 

All the links that lead to any kind of contact information have the same settings, just like the email section, like the same menu, same icon info, and background color changes.

The only slight difference comes with YouTube links, which is really cool.

YouTube Channel Integartion:

99% of businesses have a YouTube channel or at least a promotional video.

The awesome part is that you can integrate your YouTube channel with your landing page by simply entering your YouTube URL. Once it's done, it will show the videos from your channel on the page.

Check here; the landing page is not showing any option to add a YouTube link. 

Landing Page Editor

So, what we do is simply go to Profile Setting, find the YouTube button option, add your link there, and save, and it will be done.

Profile Stettings

And there you go! Check here: It’s added to your landing page.

Now, it will appear under the links option.

Like this:

Landing Page Editor

Now, if I check the landing page again, look what happened!

The YouTube channel option is showing up now and is ready to go.

That’s how easy it is to integrate your YouTube channel with the Mobilo Digital Business Card Landing Page. You can also add almost all type of media files with a custom Icon if youtube is not enough for you.

It does not end here; you can even embed a particular video from your channel.

You have the option to choose and display a specific video on your landing page rather than displaying all the videos from the channel.

What’s the big deal? It increases engagement and gives visitors a reason to stay longer on the page and the flecibility to choose what to show is honestly new for me in the digital business card world for me.

Just like the previous links option, you can add an icon, title, and description for your YouTube video section as well.


You can add an image of your choice anywhere on the landing page. It gives a nice touch to the overall design and helps in understanding what your business is all about.

how to insert images

You can add a caption to the image, and you can even customize its size.

Since images help visitors to understand the message quickly, it’s a nice feature.

Landing Page editor

Adding Text:

So far, everything is going super cool. It's time to add some text to give the visitors a brief overview of your business, services, and products.

Adding text is easy as you can choose its color and font size and even add an outline.

This way, you can ensure the landing page looks exactly how you want it to look.

For instance, writing an About Us section.

Check this screenshot here:

MOBILO Body Screenshot

As you can see, I added a description text with two different color sections: black and blue.

You can have one main heading and then a few subheadings as well.

How about we add some images and text to help categorize the different information we share? You can easily customize the wording, descriptions, colors, and even the text colors for each button. This way, when someone visits your page, they'll have a much clearer and organized experience.

Oh, I almost forgot, does not mean you are adding all the links or menus in a sequence; you can't change it. Just hold the 6 dotted menu icon, and then move it up or down according to your need.

That's it; you have now completed the fundamental settings for your Mobilo Digital Business Card Landing Page. Now, you can choose from many other features and elements to customize your page.

This option here lets you copy the landing page and share it with anyone or open the landing page in another tab and see how it appears in the frontend.

So, now you can go ahead and design your own Mobilo Digital Business Card Landing Page with ease and control. You will also be able to track the visitor count on the page in real-time.

Now, that's a great way to share your contact details, showcase your products/services, and also market yourself better.

What's in for Teams?

Mobilo also has Team options because we know not all comapnies want to be creating each profile individually,

MOBILO teams Landing Page Editor allows you to create company pages and pages for all the team members. Anyone with the access to company page has access to the pages of all team members.

With this feature, you can easily manage team members and keep track of their profiles in one place and provide them with sales tools integrated to your CRMs if necessary.

You don't have to share the same page for all team members; you can create individual pages based on specific needs.

Locking or Unlocking the Company Page:

Here is a cool part. You can also have a company page, it means all the members will have access to their pages, and they can create their own landing pages and do any kind of customizations they want.

Or, if you are a bit more of a boring... Ups, sorry, serious company you can add a template for all of your employees and the cant edit it (sad face). 

With the company landing page being unlocked, they can also create their separate landing pages for their side businesses, side hustles, or even for freelancing gigs.

But not every company would want that because if you are at Mobilo, you better be at Mobilo all the time.

So, that's why you can keep the page locked and show only the links you want, images you want, or text you want.

Just lock the company page, and Mobilo will enforce the same design elements and text on every page of team members.

Admin Panel:

The admin tools also allow you to manage the security of your company page by having the ability to lock or unlock it as needed. When locked, all team members will have access to identical landing pages with unified design elements and text enforced across all pages.

I believe that with this level of control and customization, you can be sure that your brand identity is consistent and well-represented on all Mobilo Digital Business Card Landing Pages.

Mobilo landing pages also help you with tracking visitor counts in real-time. You can keep track of page visits and the number of leads generated. This makes it much easier to measure the success of your landing pages and make improvements accordingly.

My Final Verdict:

I had a blast testing and writing this article for you and explaining the different features that the Mobilo Digital Business Card Landing Page has to offer. I know there are many other features I could not go trough at the moment but I invite you to test them yourself 

There was so much variety, customizations, and control options, which make it a great platform for anyone looking to market themselves better online without any extra efforts.

What made me literally say ‘wow’ was the option to adding a particular video from a YouTube channel, add images with captions, and customize them as well.

And did I tell you you can add payment method links like PayPal? Yes, you can add payment method links like PayPal, Stripe, and others to the page.

Apart from this, I also liked the team feature with which you can keep track of all the team members in one place. You can even control which information is displayed on their respective pages by locking or unlocking the company page as per need.

So, if you are looking for a landing page to promote your business, I would definitely recommend the Mobilo Digital Business Card Landing Page. It has all the features that you need for an effective online presence and promotion of your products/services. 

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Marcos Isaias

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