Mobilo: A Comprehensive Review of the Mobilo Digital Business Card

Updated: September 9, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

Paper cards are a thing of the past now, and for a good reason. Digital business cards and specifically Mobilo Digital Cards are here to make your life simpler.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I have shared my experience with several different digital business cards.

Disclaimer: This post is a paid partnership with Mobilo with free products for trial. We only partner with brands that we believe offer products or services that will benefit our readers, but all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are our own. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

In each digital business card review, I discussed the pros and cons of using digital cards, their analytics and tracking capabilities, online and offline experience, and design & customization options.

This time I am doing a review of Mobilo Digital Cards, and this review will discuss all of the same topics – but with a bit more focus on Mobilo’s features, capabilities, overall user experience, and what's the unique value Mobilo provides (they got many!) compared to other solutions.

I will also share what legit platforms like TrustPilot, Product Hunt, and Google Play Store are saying about Mobilo’s digital cards along with my own experience with the cards I got.

Before I move on to review, why I decided to review Mobilo Digital Cards? Well that one is pretty easy:

  • 3+ Million People Experienced Networking with Mobilo Digital Cards

  • 200+ Countries and Territories Leveraging Mobilo Cards

  • 25,000+ Teams Adopted Mobilo Solutions

It’s safe to say that Mobilo Digital Cards is a popular choice for many businesses, teams, and organizations and that are building a product of quality that is being liked by many. Included this boy over here.

So, wrap your pockets and Let's get started!

Mobilo 1

So, What is a Mobilo Digital Card?

Mobilo 2

Mobilo is an all-in-one digital business card solution. It helps you to create, distribute, track, and monitor your digital cards in real time.

Mobilo utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to allow users to quickly and simply share their business information with others through a physical card, fob, or button. What is NFC? yeah I know I also had to google it, in short it is a wireless technology to transfer information without contatct 

The Mobilo platform also provides analytics and tracking capabilities so that users can get insights into their digital card performance.

Don't worry if you have an older phone; Mobilo also has a QR code feature to make sure everyone can access your digital card or you can even scan paper cards in the worst case scenario, but you don't want to do that digital business cards vs paper cards, paper always loses haha, get it, loses because I lose them all the time dont know about you. 

Simply open your camera and scan the QR code to open your Mobilo digital card.

The unique idea is to customize your QR code with a personalized shape, company logo, images, or background color. This helps to create a unique, branded experience for you and your customers.

Now let's move to the big part - the 4 modes of user experience.

Mobilo modes

Modes of User Experience

Business cards:

This mode lets you share your contact details and links to your website, social media channels, etc, with other people quickly and easily. I appreciate how all this information is stored in a single digital card that people can easily access. This helps to establish a professional impression and potentially generate more leads.

Landing page:

A newly launched mode, the personal landing page, enables users to showcase their info in a visually appealing way. It allows you to display all of your details and links on a landing page, complete with awesome action buttons.

This mode is great for anyone who wants to share and spread the word about their digital presence and campaigns. I especially find this mode appealing to freelancers as it helps them showcase their portfolio and provide payment details, app links, etc.

Cool? Isn't it? You can leverage this page in many ways, like running paid campaigns, SEO campaigns, etc. making payments, adding App Store and Play Store links, etc.

I had a small talk with the team at Mobilo, and they said a new landing page editor feature is in Beta and will soon be available to everyone.

Lead Generation:

Time is money, and Mobilo knows this. It allows you to send leads automatically to your CRM or any connected apps as soon as someone taps on your Mobilo card. Let's say you are participating in a networking event and anticipate engaging with a large number of people.

Then this mode is especially helpful as it allows you to quickly gather their information and send them your business card via SMS.

Link to any URL:

Now this one is really interesting. Mobilo will allow you to link your card to any URL you choose. You see, customers are the smartest, and they don't want to waste time searching through your contacts card.

That's a pain point Mobilo solves with this mode. It ensures that the people you meet are directed to the intended website with a single tap or scan. It saves time and effort on both sides, making it faster to have conversations that are meaningful. It's that simple.

Since you can switch between different modes and pick the right one for you, given the occasion, you can really get the most out of Mobilo.

I would give 4.5 stars for this feature. It's that good!

Now let's move to the next important topic - tracking and analytics.

Tracking and Analytics:

Mobilo Digital Cards come with reasonably good analytics and tracking capabilities. You can track your cards to understand how many people have viewed, tapped, or shared them.

The analytics not only show the clicks per card, but you can also view which mode of user experience the viewers used for viewing or sharing the card.

This is extremely useful to understand what mode of user experience works the best for your target audience and helps you to optimize your digital cards accordingly.

The app shows the tracking results of the past 14 days, which I believe are enough to get a better understanding of how your cards are performing.

However, if you need more detailed analytics, you must use third-party tools such as Monitask to get more insights.

Let me first breakdown some of the terms you might come access when you get your first card:

Feature M: That's where Mobilo goes the extra mile. Feature M is a great way to keep up with what's happening in your digital cards. You'll get notified of new upgrades, promotions, or any other important information in-app.

Data: Well, this is the ultimate section. You can see data on how many people have viewed, tapped, or shared your cards in a given period of time.

Leads: As the name suggests, here, you will get leads and insights about potential customers.

This is all about tracking and analytics.

Now let's move to Mobilo Cards - Physical Experience and Mobilo Cards App

What products does MOBILO offers?

Mobilo 3

Wooden Cards

Wooden business cards are an innovative and eco-friendly option that can help you stand out in the crowd. These cards merge the natural beauty of wood with modern design elements, creating a distinctive look and feel that's both professional and unique.

I feel this card is lighter and does give an enviromental vibe. However, it does get stuck a bit on my wallet when I am triying to take it out.

Classic Cards

Metal Cards

A metal digital business card is a remarkable tool that instantly elevates your professional presence. As soon as you hold it in your hands, you can't help but be taken in by its flawless laser engraving. The precision of the engraving reveals an impressive level of detail that is simply stunning I felt so classy haha! 

In Mobilo Metal card each line, each curve, each letter is etched with such care and precision, it's as if they're works of art in their own right.  It looks like it was made to impress and you will definitly make a diference where you present this. 

The card itself has a weightiness that exudes confidence. It's solid, substantial, and gives off an air of authority. The black metal surface is smooth to the touch in the one I got, cool, and sophisticated. It's a tactile experience that leaves a lasting impression.

My Opinion

I have reviewed many digital cards, but Mobilo's physical experience is one of the best. You can get it customized with different materials and sizes, making it look quite attractive. The physical cards are NFC-enabled and work with any Android or iOS device.

They have three options to choose from - Classic, Wood, and Metal for a unique user experience. My favorite is the metal one, even though i use the wooden one more, it is just so classy. 

My Card MObilo

Mobilo has been very serious about the protection of the environment. For that reason, they have introduced their environment-friendly campaign, as they plant a tree for every wood card sold.

Their classic card is made from 8 times recyclable plastic, which is quite durable. The metal cards are laser-engraved and available in black, gold, and silver.

Mobilo's Eco-Friendly Campaign

Mobilo Eco Friendly

Replacing paper with wood, plastic, and metal for cards definitely adds a better experience to the digital business card industry.

I got to know they are partnered with the Plant-a-Tree initiative, and they are the first digital cards provider to be a part of it. They have an Eco Calculator on their homepage where you can calculate the savings and environmental impact once you make the upgrade from paper to digital business cards.

The Eco Calculator takes into account your company size, the number of cards printed per year, and the cost of paper and toner. You can also track your savings over time as you upgrade to Mobilo digital cards.

For this, I will give them 5 stars.

NFC Button and Keyfobs:

What caught my eye the most was their NFC key fob and smart button. Mobilo has now added a new feature for its users - the ability to pair their digital cards with an NFC button or keyfob. This allows you to carry your digital card wherever you go and access it with just one tap.

In fact, you can customize the NFC button or keyfob with your company logo or any other design of your choice.

Mobilo Cards App:

The Mobilo Cards app is available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It comes in handy to have an app that helps you manage all your digital cards efficiently.

Mobilo Cards App does exactly that. It allows you to add and update your cards in one place, share them with others easily, and even track your employees' details.

What's in for Teams?

Mobilo has been focusing more on teams and businesses. It's now possible to manage multiple cards on a single account with the Team Feature.

I personally have not tested their team feature yet, but from what I have heard, it is quite great. It saves time while managing multiple cards and team members at the same time as well as keeps track of the performance metrics.

According to Mobilo, teams can now customize their team cards with the same artwork and design to ensure uniform branding across all channels. This makes it easier for customers to identify the brand. It also helps to keep track of all team members’ performance and individual analytics.

Control panel:

The last feature I'd like to talk about is the control panel. This is where you can manage all your digital cards, edit their settings, and delete them when necessary.

You can also set up different permission levels based on your employees’ roles. For example, a team manager can only access certain cards, while a team leader will have control over all the cards. This feature makes it possible to assign different roles and permissions to different team members.

The control panel also helps the admins to keep track of employee activities and performance metrics. Which employee generated the most leads? Who got the most views on their digital card? 

You will get answers to all these questions in the control panel. You can have as many admins as your company requires. Cool, isn't it?

CRM Integration

Connecting and sending leads to your CRM is a major plus point. Mobilo Digital Cards allows you to connect it to any of the leading CRMs, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

Once connected, all the leads generated from your cards will be automatically added to the CRM. This helps you to track the performance of your cards over time and ensure that all the leads are followed up correctly.

How Secure is Mobilo Digital Cards?

In my reviews, I never compromise on security. I have deeply researched Mobilo Digital Cards and their security measures, and I'm glad to confirm that they are very secure. Mobilo Digital Cards use 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your data.

256-bit AES encryption is the most reliable and secure encryption technology available today. It ensures that all of your data is securely encrypted before it is stored or transmitted.

If I am a businessman, what I am most concerned about is getting my data hacked or stolen. Mobilo has also handled this concern with their single sign-on (SSO) and secure access management language (SAML).

That's pretty impressive, and it shows that the security of their platform is a top priority. I give Mobilo Digital Cards 5 stars for their security measures.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Mobilo Digital Cards?

I would say, overall, that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to Mobilo Digital Cards.

The pros include a range of options for card materials, NFC-enabled cards for easy access, and an environmental-friendly campaign where they plant a tree for every wood card sold.

It's incredibly convenient for teams than personal users as they can manage multiple cards on a single account. Security is also taken care of, as they use 256-bit AES encryption and single sign-on.

On the other hand, the only con I can think of is limiting tracking options in personal accounts.

What are the Reviews of Mobilo Digital Cards?

I researched the platforms like Trustpilot, Product Hunt, and Apple to see how Mobilo Digital Cards is doing. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive all around.

For instance, Trustpilot has rated Mobilo 4.3/5 with 200+ reviews, Product Hunt gave it a 4.8/5, and Apple has given them a 4.7/5 rating on their App Store with 300+ reviews.

Considering the competition in the market, this is an excellent rating and stands testimony to Mobilo's efficiency and customer service.

What's Their Support Team Like?

I also got in touch with Mobilo's support team to understand if they are quick to respond and if their customer service is up to the mark.

I'm pleased to say they are very prompt in their response and were able to resolve my queries quickly. Their support section has multiple articles and other helpful resources covering 99.99 of the questions that you might have.

But if you still need to connect, they have provided a short form to connect with them. So, overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the support that they offer.

Mobilo Pricing: How much does Mobilo Digital Cards cost?

mobilo pricing

Mobilo is very affordable when it comes to pricing. They offer different plans for individual users and teams, depending on the number of cards you need.

You can get one branded card for USD 4.99, and the pricing can vary if you need more customized cards with wood, metal, or plastic material.

Here is the breakdown of Mobilo's pricing plans:

My Final Verdict

Now the most important part of my review is my personal recommendation - would I recommend Mobilo Digital Cards?

Yes, absolutely! It is an incredibly simple and efficient platform for creating and managing digital cards.

Their team feature makes it incredibly convenient for businesses who need to manage multiple cards with different permissions and roles assigned to different team members.

The pricing is also very reasonable. You can book a demo and get your team started with a plan that is most suitable for you.

If you are looking for an advanced digital card system, Mobilo Digital Cards is definitely the way to go.


Marcos Isaias

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