17+ NFC Tags Uses That will help you free up your time

Updated: February 3, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

We live in a technology-friendly world, and most humans know how to handle smartphones. The Internet and mobile changed the way we interact with our surroundings.

Smart devices like phones and tablets require efficient ways to collect and transmit data, triggering possible events. For example, near-field communication (NFC) tags connect devices for data exchange for a seamless user experience.

Even though studies show that more people are feeling secure using NFC for payments every year. These tags are not only used for contactless payment but have more potential when integrated with other gadgets. These NFC tags have more to add to communication.

By scanning your mobile, you can track, pay, open an app, give Access, set the alarm, create shortcuts, and switch on lights; the list of ideas is never-ending. This article intends to show you the basics of NFC and its cool uses.

What are NFC tags?

Before we learn to use NFC intelligently, we should know the basics of this technology. Therefore, it is essential to understand how it works to use it creatively.

Here is a delightful youtube explanation by Gary at Gary explains. If you are into technology and the latest gadgets for cellphones and in general, he is your guy 

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As Gary Said. Near-field communication permits two devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. 

It is a convenient technology embedded in small tags for smooth communication. With this technology, you can control surrounding digital gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

But how else can you use NFC tags to make your life easier? I made a list of the things I have done in personal experimentations and researched some for you. Here we go.

NFC Tags Uses at Home

Using NFC tags for smart-home

Cartoon Smar Home showing signal comming out of it representing the use of NFC tags

NFC tags are not only limited to contactless mobile payment but appliances too.

For example, you could use an NFC tag to control lighting and appliances, unlock doors, or enable security systems. You could also use NFC tags to program routines that trigger multiple actions with one tap. That is what I do. 

I have one NFC tag on the fridge that prompts a web page I share with my partner to update our shopping list. Out of milk? A tap and write milk, and everyone in the house is updated instantly. 

Using NFC tags to Access wi-fi

Wifi Signal in a cartoon way to represent NFC tags uses on wifi sharing

Sharing your wi-fi password with guests and colleagues feels like an invasion of privacy. 

For this reason, using an NFC tag to share your internet connection without compromising the password is a way of taking advantage of this technology.

Some apps, like InstaWifi, enable you to program an NFC tag that, when tapped on with NFC enabled gadget, gives instant Access to the internet network.

Sleep mode automation with NFC

Most people who are particular about their sleep turn off WI-FI, Bluetooth, and other wireless connections on their devices every night. Well, you can use an NFC tag on your mobile to switch off Bluetooth, wi-fi, and auto-sync of many home gadgets. 

Cartoon showing the use of NFC tags to sleep

All these tasks can be done automatically by placing your NFC tag around the door or bed table.


There are situations when you walk away from one task and completely forget about it.

Use of NFC tags in laundry systems

For example, Laundry. You can put an NFC tag nearby dryer or washing machine that will switch on the timer when tapped and could also start a cycle automatically. Hence even if you forget about the Laundry, a timer alarm will have your back.

NFC tag in Kitchen

NFC tags uses on the kitchen to create customized timers and other fucntionalities, image is a cartoon

I am using NFC tags in the Kitchen, which may sound peculiar. But hear me out (read me out?), while cooking timing is the most important. I usually ask Siri or another phone assistant to put timers for me.

However, lately, I have stuck NFC tags above the stove with preset timers launched on any device with a quick tap. So far, I have 5, 15, 30, and 45 minutes. I might add more in the future. 

Trust me, doing this will give you so much peace of mind and a sensation of tech control that has no match!

Using NFC to run Siri shortcuts with iPhone.

Cartoon cellphone emiting a signal to represent NFC use of tags

Digital assistants like Siri can automatically run shortcuts when triggered by stimuli like NFC tags. 

The NFC technology executes the command effectively without any human interaction. 

For example, you can program an NFC tag to run your favorite show, movie, or gaming app with a tap. That is a sweet shortcut to have.

Bedside table

Use of NFC for bedside table in a cartoon image

You can attach tags near the bedside table or bed and program them to enable alarms, disable sound systems, decrease brightness, and more.

You can use an NFC tag to alert others on their devices that you are off to a nap so they do not disturb you.

NFC for safety and emergency communication

An Cartonish Ambulance over a Blue backgorund emiting a radio signal representing the NFC tgas use in emergencies

If you are fostering dependent adults or have small children who can't read or write yet, NFC tags can be helpful to you. 

You can stick an NFC tag in a reachable place and program a mail/message to you or somebody in your family if they are in need.

This is the safe way to take care of your family without getting extra peace of mind. 

You could even use several tags on a wall for several purposes, such as:

  • Calling the Police
  • Calling 911
  • Calling you
  • Send a TXT Message

Unlocking your front door

Cartoonish Red house door representing the use of NFC

Unlocking your door without keys, just by your phone's NFC tag. Sound so futuristic. This already exists; a company named Lockitron has already developed its infrastructure.

It enables you to open your door without any keys; scan your phone. To avail of this infrastructure, you have to pay $295.

NFC Tags Uses Outdoors

NFC tags In a Car

Catoonish yellow car like a taxi and a blutooth tag on it and an NFC one aswell

You can use car tags to switch off to control most car electronics such as radio, lights, etc. For example. If your phone is connected to a car stereo, then tags can trigger apps such as Spotify or Google maps with just a tap. 

All this can be done by attaching NFC tags to the dashboard or nearby middle console.

With simple settings and placing an NFC tag in your car, you can track the movement of your vehicle, with which you can calculate your mileage and budget and send all that to a database.

At work

Work desk with an NFC tag on top representing the use of NGC tags on the workplace all over a blue background

You can program and use NFC tags to disable sounds, enable wi-fi, auto-sync, and much more at work. Just have an NFC tag close to your monitor or cabinet. 

Depending on your habits, you can personalize the setup of your work environment with NFC. Just program your music, prompt your to-do list or email, or open frequently used apps with one tap of your cell phone or any other NFC device or business card.

At Gym

Crtoonish torso of a guy doing a shoulder press and 2 NFC tags as weights representing the use of NFC tags in a Gym

Sticking the NFC tags to workout wear or gym bag to promote you right away the workout of the day or play your preferred playlist on your music device.

Other NFC Tag Uses

NFC Keychain

Key chain with an NFC tag representing the use of NFC tags on the regular keys

Stick NFC tags to existing keychains and use NFC to do regular tasks for you on the go. It can be anything, a to-do list, on music app, a reminder, anything.

Also, sticking NFC tags might ruin your keychains. No worries, you can get customize keychains online with NFC tags and use them.

Pranking friends

Two cartoonish friends, a blonde one and a black one having fun over the use of an NFC tag over a blue background representing the use of NFC to have fun and do pranks

Pranking or rickrolling your friends and family is the most entertaining thing to do and enjoy.

 You can use NFC tags to prank your family members and friends.

Find the target's most peculiar spot, hide NFC tags there, and program them to play fun music and videos or open any app without permission when they tap them and enjoy their reactions.

Bluetooth pairing

A bluetooth signal over a blue baclground representing the use of NFC along NFC

In our homes, we have many gadgets that use Bluetooth to connect, for example, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, remotes, etc. In addition, many companies are planning to incorporate NFC tags.

It provides an intelligent way to connect many gadgets to your smartphone; scan or tap, and you are good to go. Nexus Q, google's music streaming device, includes NFC, but the company is keeping its purpose in a nutshell.

Secure online shopping

A cartoonish hand doing an online action of shopping on a cellphone after swiping and NFC tag using it as a trigger

You can use NFC tags to complete online shopping transactions securely. Customers can use an NFC tag to identify a device and securely confirm their identity to make payments or access their account data. 

NFC tags can also be used for two-factor authentication, allowing customers to quickly and easily verify their identity when making purchases or accessing account information. 

Using NFC tags for secure online shopping provides customers with an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access or transfer data.

Using NFC while traveling

A blue cartoon plane with an NFC tah on the fintail representing the use og NFC on planes

Scandinavian Airlines introduced a pilot program called "smart pass." This program authorizes frequent flyers to stick to the back of the phone by giving them personalized NFC tags.

This tag allowed them to access priority security checks and entry to the VIP-style lounge and replaced boarding passes. NFC infrastructure can be applied to many places, such as event centers, stadiums, theatres, etc.

Just think about it, all the access and control you can get with a simple digital business card

Wrapping up on NFC tags

Future possibilities of NFC-enabled devices

NFC is still not a mainstream technology, so many companies have yet to consider integrating NFC into their services or products, even though it is old tech. 

Few services like Google Wallet and Apple pay has invested in building NFC infrastructure. Instead, these systems authorize users to transact with NFC gadgets without business cards.

Creating an environment where monetary transactions can be done without business cards is a time and money-intensive task. 

Most of the NFC projects are at a niche stage due to a need for more awareness of NFC-ready terminals and NFC-enabled phones and tablets.

Emerging entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and students have fantastic ideas for using NFC to solve day-to-day problems. Many of the prototypes are ready and even selling; here are some.


Even though NFC sounds high-tech and relatively unpopular among folks, it can solve many day-to-day problems. By scanning your mobile, you can track, pay, open an app, give Access, set the alarm, create shortcuts, and switch on lights; the list of ideas is never-ending.

In the future, many devices will have NFC tags, leading to more intelligent transactions with just a tap.

I hope. This article helped you understand the many possibilities NFC tags provide for our society.


Marcos Isaias

PMP Certified professional and Marketing Savy, I'm here to help you work on your blog as a project, feel free to contact me or ask anything in the comments