17+ NFC Tags Uses That will help you free up your time

Updated: December 20, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

You’ve likely used NFC technology when tapping to pay. But did you know those same little wireless tags can do so much more? Even though studies show that more people feel secure using NFC for payments every year, these tags have far more potential.

Inside each tiny sticker lies the power to simplify and automate daily life when linked with our gadgets. Tap to open your front door. Start the laundry. Launch your exercise playlist. The possibilities are huge and growing.

This article explains the basics of how NFC communication works plus 17 clever ways people are using tags already at home, work, travel, and beyond.

Let's get into it.

What are NFC tags?

Before we learn to use NFC intelligently, we should know the basics of this technology. Therefore, it is essential to understand how it works.

Here is a delightful YouTube explanation by Gary at Gary Explains. If you are into technology and the latest gadgets for cell phones and in general, he is your guy!

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Credit to : Automated Tech

As Gary Said. Near-field communication permits two devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. 

It is a convenient technology embedded in small tags for smooth communication. With this technology, you can control surrounding digital gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

NFC Tags Uses at Home

Using NFC while traveling

A blue cartoon plane with an NFC tah on the fintail representing the use og NFC on planes

Scandinavian Airlines introduced a pilot program called "smart pass."

This program authorizes frequent flyers to stick to the back of the phone by giving them personalized NFC tags of NFC Cards.

The tag allowed them to access priority security checks and entry to the VIP-style lounge and replaced boarding passes. NFC infrastructure can be applied to many places, such as event centers, stadiums, theatres, etc.

Just think about it. all the access and control you can get with a simple digital business card.

1. Using NFC Tags for Smart-Home

Cartoon Smar Home showing signal comming out of it representing the use of NFC tags

NFC tags are not only limited to contactless mobile payment, but appliances too.

For example, you could use an NFC tag to control lighting and appliances, unlock doors, or enable security systems. You could also use NFC tags to program routines that trigger multiple actions with one tap. That's what I do. 

I have one NFC tag on my fridge that opens a shared grocery list web page for my partner and me.

Out of milk? I can simply tap the tag and write "milk" on the list. This instantly updates the list seen by everyone in the house, streamlining communication.

Using NFC tags to Access wi-fi

Wifi Signal in a cartoon way to represent NFC tags uses on wifi sharing

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with guests and colleagues can feel like an invasion of privacy. 

For this reason, using an NFC tag to share your internet connection without compromising the password is a way of taking advantage of this technology.

With apps like InstaWifi, you can program an NFC tag to grant instant, tap-to-connect access to your Wi-Fi network when needed. Simply tap the NFC tag with an NFC-enabled device, and it will automatically connect without ever revealing your private password.

3. Sleep mode automation with NFC

Many people who prioritize healthy sleep turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless connections on their devices at night. The radio frequency signals can interfere with falling asleep and staying asleep. However, diving into settings every night to toggle these off can be a real hassle.

Luckily, NFC tags provide an easy solution. By programming a bedside NFC tag to automatically disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, auto-syncing, and wireless connections on your phone and smart home devices, you can prepare your whole connected environment for sleep with just a tap. Simply place the preset "sleep mode" NFC tag on your nightstand to instantly switch off potential signals that could disrupt your sleep.

Cartoon showing the use of NFC tags to sleep

You can further program the NFC tag to enable sleep-friendly settings like activating alarms, disabling sound systems, and decreasing device brightness. Tap again in the morning and everything returns to normal daytime mode.

You can even use an NFC tag to politely alert others that you are taking a nap or going to bed early. Program it to send a "do not disturb" notification to housemates so they refrain from making noise or interrupting your rest.

With NFC tags by your bedside, healthy sleep habits take just a simple tap. The tags effortlessly minimize disruptions overnight and in napping situations.

4. Laundry

We've all had those moments when we walk away from a task and completely forget about it. Laundry is a prime example. You toss the clothes in the washer, get caught up with something else, and before you know it the cycle has finished long ago.

Use of NFC tags in laundry systems

This doesn't have to be an issue any longer! Placing an NFC tag near the dryer or washing machine allows you to activate the timer with a simple tap and can even initiate a cycle automatically.

So, even if you forget about the Laundry, the timer has your back.

NFC tag in Kitchen

NFC tags uses on the kitchen to create customized timers and other fucntionalities, image is a cartoon

I am using NFC tags in the Kitchen, which may sound peculiar. But hear me out (read me out?), when it comes to cooking, precise timing is crucial. Normally, I'd rely on Siri or another phone assistant to set timers for me.

However, recently, I've placed NFC tags above the stove, each preset with specific timers that launch on any device with just a quick tap. Currently, I have tags set for 5, 15, 30, and 45 minutes, but I'm considering adding more in the future.

Trust me, doing this will give you so much peace of mind and was honestly a game changer for me!

Using NFC to run Siri shortcuts with iPhone.

Cartoon cellphone emiting a signal to represent NFC use of tags

NFC-enabled smartphones can automatically execute shortcuts when triggered by NFC tags.

The NFC technology allows shortcuts and commands to run effectively without any human interaction.

For example, you can program an NFC tag so that tapping it with your NFC-enabled smartphone will automatically launch your favorite show, movie, or game app. This provides a convenient shortcut to quickly access preferred content with just a tap of your phone.

Bedside table

Use of NFC for bedside table in a cartoon image

You can attach tags near the bedside table or bed and program them to enable alarms, disable sound systems, decrease brightness, and more.

You can use an NFC tag to alert others on their devices that you are off to a nap so they do not disturb you.

NFC for safety and emergency communication

An Cartonish Ambulance over a Blue backgorund emiting a radio signal representing the NFC tgas use in emergencies

If you are fostering an independent adult or have children who can't read or write yet, NFC tags can be helpful. 

You can place an NFC tag in a reachable place and program a mail/message to you or somebody in your family in case of an emergency.

You could even use several tags on a wall for several purposes, such as:

  • Calling the Police

  • Calling 911

  • Calling you

  • Send a TXT Message

Unlocking your front door

Cartoonish Red house door representing the use of NFC

Unlocking your door without keys, just by tapping your phone's NFC tag - sounds futuristic, but this technology already exists.

A company named Lockitron has developed a system that allows you to open your door without keys. Instead, you simply scan your NFC-enabled smartphone.

For $295, you can unlock your door with just a scan of your phone, no keys required!

NFC Tags Uses Outdoors

NFC tags In a Car

Catoonish yellow car like a taxi and a blutooth tag on it and an NFC one aswell

You can use car tags to control most car systems such as radio, lights, etc.

For example, if your phone is connected to a car stereo, then tags can trigger apps such as Spotify or Google Maps with just a tap. You can also ack the movement of your vehicle, with which you can calculate your mileage and budget and send all that to a database.

All this by simply attaching NFC tags to the dashboard of your car.

At work

Work desk with an NFC tag on top representing the use of NGC tags on the workplace all over a blue background

You can personalize and automate your work environment using NFC tags. Simply program NFC tags to disable sounds, enable Wi-Fi, auto-sync, and much more at work. Just have an NFC tag close to your monitor or cabinet. 

When you get to work, just tap your NFC-enabled phone or another NFC device to the tag to automatically adjust settings and launch apps according to your personalized preferences.

For example, set up a tag to cue up your favorite playlist to listen to while working, prompt display of your to-do list or latest emails, or open the programs you utilize most frequently - all with a single tap.

You can customize multiple NFC tags to conform your workspace setup to match your habits and streamline your workflow.

At Gym

Crtoonish torso of a guy doing a shoulder press and 2 NFC tags as weights representing the use of NFC tags in a Gym

Sticking the NFC tags to workout wear or gym bag to promote you right away the workout of the day or play your preferred playlist on your music device.

NFC Keychain

Key chain with an NFC tag representing the use of NFC tags on the regular keys

Stick NFC tag stickers to keychains and use NFC to handle regular tasks for you on the go. It can be anything: a to-do list, a music app, a reminder—anything your heart desires (not literally).

Keep in mind, that sticking NFC tags might ruin your keychains. No need to worry; you can purchase customized keychains online with integrated NFC tags and use them seamlessly.

Pranking friends

Two cartoonish friends, a blonde one and a black one having fun over the use of an NFC tag over a blue background representing the use of NFC to have fun and do pranks

Pranking your friends and family once in a while can be fun.

You can now use NFC tags to do it.

Find the target's most peculiar spot, hide NFC tags there, and program them to play fun music and videos or open any app without permission when they tap. Sit back and enjoy their reactions!

Bluetooth pairing

A bluetooth signal over a blue baclground representing the use of NFC along NFC

Many home gadgets already use Bluetooth: speakers, TV remotes, and keyboards. Soon more devices will also incorporate NFC tags.

Many companies are planning to incorporate NFC tags as well.

Google's Nexus Q music streamer actually includes built-in NFC. My guess is you'll be able to tap your phone to it and start playing songs right away- the purpose of it has not, yet, been disclosed.

I expect we'll see NFC pop up in all kinds of gadgets going forward. Being able to sync your phone with a quick tap could become normal across consumer electronics and appliances.

Secure online shopping

A cartoonish hand doing an online action of shopping on a cellphone after swiping and NFC tag using it as a trigger

You can use NFC tags to complete online shopping transactions securely. Customers can use an NFC tag to identify a device and securely confirm their identity to make payments or access their account data. 

NFC tags can also be used for two-factor authentication, allowing customers to quickly and easily verify their identity when making purchases or accessing account information. 

Using NFC tags for secure online shopping provides customers with an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access or transfer data.

17. NFC For Next Level Networking

Generic paper business cards don't work anymore.

To showcase your talents and be memorable, customize an NFC card with metal finishes, unique engravings, cool cuts, or shapes. You can design a card that puts your stamp on your brand, sparking conversation and making lasting impressions.

Some of the best digital business cards powered by NFC technology allow for seamless networking and profile-sharing. With just a quick scan, you can pass along your name, contact info, social media profiles, portfolio work, and more.

Wrapping up on NFC tags

Future possibilities of NFC-enabled devices

NFC isn't exactly mainstream technology yet.

Companies haven't jumped to integrate it into services or products, even though the tech itself isn't new. Building entire NFC payment systems is time and money-intensive - probably why only big players like Google and Apple have invested there so far.

Infrastructure like Google Pay and Apple Pay have invested in building NFC infrastructure. Instead, these systems authorize users to transact with NFC gadgets without business cards.

As of now, most NFC projects are in a niche stage, mainly because not enough people know about NFC-ready terminals. There also needs to be awareness surrounding NFC-enabled phones and tablets.

Emerging entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and students are bringing forward fantastic ideas to leverage NFC in solving day-to-day problems. Many of these ideas have transitioned from the prototype stage to actual products; just look at the list above!


I know NFC seems kinda obscure right now, but hear me out - this tech makes life way simpler! By scanning your mobile, you can track, pay, open an app, give Access, set the alarm, create shortcuts, and switch on lights; the list of ideas is never-ending.

And those are just the everyday uses we have now!

Engineers and creators are already dreaming up clever new NFC life hacks. It blows my mind what's possible by putting little chips on stuff to scan. Safe to say we've barely scratched the surface.


Marcos Isaias

PMP Certified professional Digital Business cards enthusiast and AI software review expert. I'm here to help you work on your blog and empower your digital presence.