Complete Uniqode QR code Generator Review

Updated: March 16, 2024

By: Marcos Isaias

Why Use a premium or paid QR code generator?

  • Reliability and consistency: Paid tools won’t shut down on you from one day to the other. I’ve seen cases where people create QR code campaigns that suddenly stop working. 
  • Data Privacy (no collection): Most free software isn’t free. You can be sure that Free QR code generators might take some of your personal data to improve the service, and some other sites might even sell it! Read the fine print. 
  • Code Security: Some Free QR code generators are susceptible to data fishing. Some sites might be cleaned, and you might think you are on the official site, and you are not. 

What is Uniqode?

Uniqode is a proprietary business software solution that helps any marketing effort connect with every physical object and place in the world. 

Beaconstac featured image

Uniqode platform makes physical products digital by leveraging smartphone techs like QR codes, NFC tags, Bluetooth beacons, and geofencing. Today we will look into the QR codes often used on digital business cards and other marketing materials.

Disclaimer: This post is a paid partnership with Uniqode. We only partner with brands that we believe offer products or services that will benefit our readers, but all reviews and opinions written in this post are our own. This article may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through links at no extra cost to you. Please read the terms and conditions for more information. Thank you for your support!

Uniqode already has more than 20,000 customers worldwide and is used by brands such as Revlon. If Revlon trusts them, you know how robust they are. Its Customer Engagement platform helps industries capture and manage first-party data of more than 5 million users a month at the time of this post. Uniqode is for sure one of the best QR code generators in the market

Uniqode is a technology that is helping speed the transition from the physical to the virtual world.

Who is Uniqode for?

Honestly? For anyone ever thinking of trying QR codes. They are safe, have a free trial, and won’t do funky things with your information. 

How It Works Using Uniqode is easy. Once you create an account, you log in, create a QR code, personalize it, put it to work, and later on measure your results.

Full Uniqode QR code generator review (QR Codes, Link Pages, Campaigns,

Let’s go down to it. When you log in, you will be presented with a sleek and well-designed dashboard where you can quickly see and manage all your QR campaigns on the fly. Compared to other QR solutions,Uniqode has the lowest barrier of entry regarding technology while still being powerful. 

Whether you use a free trial or paid version does not matter. You will have access to full Uniqode. All the features all the same. If you are using the free version, you won’t be able to access this screen (I recommend you to at least go for the trial for the full capabilities analysis)

Tab 0: Profile View

On the Edit Profile tab, you will have access to all of your basic information like Name, Business Description, logo, password, and role.

Beaconstact TAB 0 screenshot with my profile

On your profile, you can customise your business photo and logo.

Below the profile tab, you will also have access to your billing (if you subscribe), Domains, referral programs, and other configuration features.

Tab 1: Overview

Next, if you click Overviewthis is where the magic happens. I was impressed by the ease of use and the amount of rich information you can embed into a QR code. 

You will be presented with a quick view of your QR code campaigns from the most to the least popular and the percentage of clicks and engagement each one has had. 

Overall, I really have zero complaints about this screen. It’s precious, and the interface is very user-friendly.

Tab 2: QR Codes

Now! down to business to the core tab of this whole system, be ready to change your business.

TAB 2 Screen That shows beacostac customized features

On the QR Codes tabs, you will have access to the following:

  • QR Codes: Here, you can see all your QR codes and filter them for convenience. Also, here is where you create new QR codes. You have the option to create static and dynamic QR codes as well as the remarkable capability to create codes one by one or in bulk with the upload bulk functionality. The bulk upload supports CVS and XLSX formats.

QR codes featured image

  • Analytics:  After you create some creative and grab attention QR codes, launch a few campaigns, and move forward, you will like to see in detail how they are performing, dont you? that is where analytics comes in. On the analytics tabs, you will see detail on how your QR codes are performing, and you can get into more information, such as:

Analytics screen of Beaconstac

  • # of scans
  • Amount of unique users
  • Top Performing QR codes
  • Top Performing Campaigns
  • Devices used
  • Time of the day of the scans
  • Scans by location (City, State, Country)

All this with custom filters for range dates

  • Templates: Because Uniqode knows you are busy creating good campaigns, they provide you with countless design templates for you to create unique and creative QR codes. You can customize the Shape, Colors, Eyes of the QR code, Pattern, background, and many other things that would need a guide by themselves. Pretty much unbeatable on customization if we compare it with other QWR code premium solutions on the market. 

3 QR codes examples made with Beaconstac

Tab 3: Link pages (Beta)

It is Uniqode’s latest development; think of it as a HUB of all the links of your brand. It is similar to Linktree but improved. Your QR code generator membership includes linkages; no need to pay extra. 

Beaconstac linkpage 1

There is no limit to the number of links you can create on.

Customization is also quite flexible, just on the QR codes. It does not matter if you are not a designer.

With Uniqode’s link page creator, you can create an appealing link page in a matter of minutes if you have a general idea of what you want. 

Tab 4 Campaigns

Once you have at least one campaign created, you will put this tab to good use. 

One of the most incredible things that the Uniqode QR code generator has is a custom tool to create landing pages for your campaigns.

In this tab, you have

  • Landing pages: Create custom marketing offers with your images and set them up to show up when your customer scan your cards. You can create menus, surveys, special offers, or just general information pages. 

Empty QR code landing page showing how I create my own QR code in Beaconstac

  • Forms: I found this functionality excellent because it allows you to create surveys, input boxes, and multiple-choice selections. All these forms will enable you to collect more personalized information regarding your campaign or how your customers feel about your brand or service. 

Created QR codes profile on black

Tab 5: Assets library

This tab is more of an organization tab. It allows you to control your digital assets, such as Pictures, videos, brochures

Dashboard showing images you can use on your QR codes

I liked that you could see the upload date, filter through type, and many other options. Also, you can quickly select any images to create or modify a campaign just with a few clicks.

This tab is a bonus to make everything more organized and manageable, allowing you to scale campaigns a lot easier. Thanks, Uniqode.

Tab 6: Integrations

Integrations TAB was made to save you time and be more efficient with your campaigns and handle the data you create and collect through QR codes. The current integrations available are

List of Integrations of Beaconstac QR code generator

  • Make (integromat)
  • Slack
  • Workato
  • Zapier
  • Google Sheet
  • Google Analytics
  • Canva
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Google Ads

Tab 7: API

For the more technological ones,Uniqode develops APIs to provide tons of information regarding your QR codes and their analytics.

API dashborad of of beaconstac

With all this information available upon request, you and your company can develop custom apps that feed from this API information to migrate or use all your Uniqode data on demand.

Service is quite fast, and availability is impressive. For more information, check their API Documentation.

Automate QR Code creation within your software or application. We support all customisations and dynamic QR Codes with our API

TAB 8: Help

The Help tab has everything you would expect from a company that cares that you have all the information you need

Help Menu of Beaconstac

  • Live Support: Live support is always good because you dont know what you will need and when. 
  • Help Center: Uniqode took the burden of developing guides for the FAQs you may have. With these guides, you will solve at least 80 to 90 % of the issues you could encounter.
  • Blogs: A fresh way to share knowledge and keep up to date on the latest strategies on how to use QR codes and contactless technology
  • Videos: We are not all good readers. For this reason, Uniqode created a library of tutorials and other educational content on how to use Uniqode and its new features. 
  • What’s New: a HUB of all the new features of Uniqode,
  • Request Feature: If you are using Beacosntac and you encounter a need that is not satisfied, you can request it here.


Beaconstac Pricing

  • Starter: $5
    • 3 Dynamic QR Codes
    • 25,000 Scans
    •  1 Linkpage
    • Single User
  • Light: $15
    • 50 Dynamic QR Codes
    • 75,000 Scans
    • 5 Linkpages
    • Single User
  • Pro:$ 49
    • 250 Dynamic QR Codes
    • 250,000 Scans
    • 25 Linkpages
    • Single User
  • Plus: $ 99
    • 500 Dynamic QR Codes
    • 500,000 Scans
    • 50 Linkpages
    • 3 Users
    • 3 Teams
  • Enterprise: Custom. Uniqode for Businesses 
  • Pros & Cons

Overall, here are the things I love about Uniqode.

  • The customer act interface has an excellent design that you can customize endlessly. Plans are also quite affordable.
  • Campaign management is one of the thongs I enjoyed the most since it is intuitive and straightforward yet compelling.
  • The amount of support information they provide is excellent, so you can start exploiting Uniqode value from day one.
  • The linkpage addition is so lovely! It’s a great add-on for my blog and my digital business cards. 
  • The QR customization and management dashboards are what sets Uniqode above the competition. There are many free generators, but nothing will be so enjoyable to use as the Uniqode QR code generator. 

Some Things I Don’t Love

  • You can do plenty with the free trial, but to take long-term advantage of all the Uniqode code generator capabilities. I recommend at least the starter pack. 
  • I wish the forms had a few more options, but I will need to ask for them as a new feature.
  • Support, even though excellent, is not 24/7, so if you are out of their time zone, you might need to wait a few hours for a response. 

Overall Conclusions on Uniqode QR code generator.

Uniqode is a great company making a great effort to involve marketing and contactless interactions. 

I was a bit worried about the security of QR codes in general. Still, after I had time to use their interface and read some documentation, I saw I did not need to worry. 

I appreciate that QR codes can be highly customizable, making your brand more human and approachable. There are so many QR codes out there that it is nice to be able to be somewhat unique.

Moreover, it is so easy to do that you will feel like a professional designer with just a few hours of practice. I‘m sure QR code technology and contactless beacons from Uniqode, in general, will keep carving the future for many industries in 2022, 2023, and the years to come. 


Marcos Isaias

PMP Certified professional Digital Business cards enthusiast and AI software review expert. I'm here to help you work on your blog and empower your digital presence.