What is an AIO Writer, Explained April 2023

Updated: May 22, 2023

AI content is not the future! You heard me right - AI content is not the future and if you think it is you might be entering danger zone. I know AI content might be all the rage right now, but let me tell you - it's not the end-all-be-all of content creation.

I made a big claim in the very first sentence, and I'm going to explain why. AI content writing may sound like a promising solution to many of the problems we face when creating content for marketing, communication, and other purposes; however, it's far from perfect.

That's where AIO writing enters the picture. AIO writing stands for Artificial Intelligence Optimized writing. It is a process of writing that combines the power of human creativity with the scalability and accuracy of AI technology.

The results? Content that looks and feels more natural when read. Content that better resonates with the audience. Content that can compete with AI-generated content in terms of accuracy yet still produce something far more original and engaging.

This article will explain how AIO writing is going to revolutionize content creation and why it's better than both only human-written content and solely AI-generated content.

If you read the post till the end and embrace the idea, you are going to thank me in the next few years.

But What Exactly is AIO Writing

AIO is Artificial Intelligence Optimization - a technique to polish and optimize content written by AI by a human writer or editor who is trained to optimize AI-generated content as close to what a human writer would do.

This is done by looking at the structure, flow, and grammar of the content and then polishing it to make sure it reads better, has more impact, and is good to go for both humans and search engines.

To me, AIO is a way of creating content 10x faster and better than human-written content. It can give you an edge over your competitors who aren't using AIO writing yet or haven't heard of it.

Right now, either your competitors have a subscription to an AI writing tool doing their work for them, or they are putting a lot of money into hiring writers.

For instance, an AI writing tool like Jasper might generate a blog post on the topic of "how to save money" within minutes. Someone might just publish it, but with AIO, you can refine the content further by taking it to human writers or editors who will put their extra effort to make the content more human and appealing.

Let me share an example. If I ask ChatGPT to write a blog post about the top 5 productivity hacks, and so do the other hundred if not thousands of writers out there, what do you think? Will ChatGPT write hundred unique articles, give 500 new productivity hacks, or do something that can actually give a unique value-add to the readers? No, it won't.

You can try that, go to ChatGPT and ask it to generate content for your specific blog post. And ask it again to write another blog post on the same topic. The result will be almost similar content with minor differences, and even if you don't use the same exact words, you'd still end up having similar content.

But what amazes me and perhaps does to you is that you had two blog posts written in a matter of minutes.

That's the speed, convenience, and practicality that AI content writing tools bring to the table. But it still needs human efforts to have unique content. That's what led to the idea of AIO Writing.

What is an AIO Writer?

Well, by now, you must have an idea of what AIO writing is. But who does the actual work? The AI or the human writer? The AIO Writer is an AI and Human hybrid.

You see, if left solely to AI writing tools, the content that you will get will be unoriginal, boring, repetitive, and jargon-filled.

But if you leave content creation solely to human writers, the process will be 5x costly, take 5x more time, and possibly make you the turtle in the race.

That's where the term AIO Artificial Intelligence Optimized Writer comes in. An AIO writer is someone who has the expertise to get the best out of AI-generated content by optimizing it with their creativity, SEO skills, and knowledge of content marketing.

What are the Stages of AIO Writing I follow?

Steps of AIO Writer

AIO writing is not a monolithic process. It involves several steps, and each of these steps needs to be done with utmost care. But I assure you, if done right, it can drastically reduce the time and cost of content creation.

Here are the five steps I usually follow while doing AIO writing:

Let's say I have to write a blog post on the topic of "Best Time Management Strategies."

I have been into digital marketing for quite some time, and one thing I have learned and taught others is never to do something alone.

I have my writer trained to write in my style, follow the process I follow, use the same pattern and structure, etc.

Stage 1:

I would give the writer a topic idea and a possible keyword phrase about where we want to rank for. Had it been the past, he would have taken a week to report me back with the first draft.

But right now, he is equipped with AI writing tools that can quickly generate the first draft of content.

We either take the help of ChatGPT to produce a decent outline and structure of the content, or we directly instruct Jasper ai writing tool to generate the first draft of 2000 to 3000 words.

The first draft created with Jasper has much better readability but still has some errors, lacks structure, the same structure followed, etc. But that's not an issue. This leads to stage 2.

Stage 2:

Now that we have the first draft of the blog post ready, it's time to optimize it. The writer will go through the content, edit it, and polish it to make sure the content looks more creative and appealing. It might take him one or two hours to do it.

A few minutes of AI writing content and then a few more hours of polishing is way faster than the traditional process.

Stage 3:

Now, it's time to make sure that the content is visually appealing, so the writer will add images, screenshots, etc., to make the content visually appealing and interesting.

You understood the stages, but why do I believe AIO writing to be the future of content creation?

What are the benefits of AIO Writing?

Let me quickly summarize the benefits of AIO writing:

It reduces the cost and time of content creation by 5X.

Let's do a slight cost comparison of quality content by a human writer and an AIO writer.

Writing Phase:

A human writer might take $300 to $400 to write 2000 to 2500-word article, but an AI tool will take 5% of that amount to write the first quick draft. The cost will be $10 to $15.

Editing Phase:

In traditional content creation, editing might take 1 to 2 hours and cost $20 to $50. While in AIO writing, this process will take more time (2 to 3 hours), and the cost might be a bit higher as well ($30 to $60), but still cheaper than traditional content creation.

Overall, AIO writing will cost you around $40 to $75, whereas traditional content creation will cost you around 3 times more.

It increases the speed and accuracy of content creation.

AI-enabled tools can generate quality content in a fraction of the time as compared to human writers. A good SEO writer might take a week to produce a good quality article, and it is justified.

But with AI-enabled tools, it takes just a few minutes to generate the first draft of the content and then a few more hours for the writer to optimize it.

If we do one article a day, we can produce 7 times more content in the same amount of time without compromising on the quality, as what the AI tool will write will be only half-baked, and the writer can easily tweak it.

So, AIO Writer + AI writing tool - a perfect combination for content creation, and it increases the accuracy of content drastically.

Is There a Framework for AIO Writing?

Gladly yes, there is a framework that you can follow for AIO Writing. Julia McCoy - the person behind the idea of AIO Writing, has laid out a basic framework for AIO Writing which is as follows:

AIO Writer’s C.R.A.F.T. Framework

Step 1: 

The very first step is to cut the fluff, and it is the very foundation of AIO writing. I have noticed that AI tools will always add wordy content and long-winded sentences that sometimes is neither useful nor relevant.

That's why your first step should be to cut the fluff and get to the point.

If your AI-generated draft has redundant stuff that doesn’t add any value to the article, remove it. That's the job of your trained AIO writer.

Step 2:

The next step is to review, revise, and rewrite, which is the most important part of AIO Writing.

Here the AIO writer will go through each sentence and look for errors, typos, grammar issues, and anything else that might look off. He will also structure the content in a better way if needed.

Step 3: 

The next step is to Add images, videos, and visuals. Adding images to the content not only increases engagement but also makes the content visually appealing.

Step 4:

The next step is to Fact-check and Refine.

This is, again, a very important step in AIO Writing. You can't trust every data, stat, and facts that come from AI tools. It has been reported AI tools sometimes just make up stories, which is why it has become very important to verify the data before you publish your content.

Step 5: 

The last step, trust-building, is also important in AIO Writing. You see, as a writer, marketer, or content creator, you have your own style, tone, and voice. That's why it is important to maintain your authenticity while writing content.

If you blindly write and publish content generated by AI tools, soon, your audience will get to know the fishy content.

So, make sure to add your stories, case studies, personalized CTAs, and other elements to the content so that it looks like you wrote it.

By following the C.R.A.F.T Framework, you can easily create content with automation and AI-enabled tools while still keeping your original style.

With AIO Writing, you can automate and optimize the content creation process. It reduces the time and cost of content creation while still producing quality content.

That's it for AIO Writing! I hope you found the article helpful.


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