11 Best AI Writing Tools or Softwares of 2023

Updated: March 28, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

Looking for a fun and easy way to create high-quality content?

AI writing software can help you do just that. These tools are designed to take the hassle out of content creation, so you can focus on what’s important – your business.

AI tools and apps are changing how we work and writing is not the exception

With AI writing software, you can quickly generate catchy headlines, SEO-friendly blog posts, and social media captions that will engage your audience. You’ll be able to produce content at lightning speed without sacrificing quality.

In this blog post, we did our best to test and do an in-depth analysis of as many as we could. However, so far, we only have been able to test 11. We will do our best to keep testing; if there is an AI writing tool you want to be tested, please write in the comments, and we will go for it. 

So, let’s go right into it and check out our top 11 AI writing software tools today!

Each tool has its own set of features, pros, and cons. So, we listed them by notability, a measure of their success and ability to stand out from the crowd.

Jasper – Overall Best Ai Writing Software 

Jasper AI no Background Logo

Jasper is the industry leader right now, and it’s not hard to see why. Its wide variety of features makes it an ideal writing tool. Major giants like Google and IBM are using Jasper to generate content for their marketing campaigns.

Even famous marketers like Neil Patel and Tim Ferriss recommend using Jasper as their first choice. Jasper has been trained to easily write powerful marketing copy, sales copy, and blog posts. And it is this versatility that makes it the best ai writing software tool, in our opinion.

Jasper has consumed 10% of the world’s data, which has helped it become smarter day by day. It is constantly learning and improving itself to create a better user experience.

What Makes Jasper Stand Out?

1) Jasper has 50+ templates to write a variety of content effortlessly, including long-form content, emails, AIDA principles-based copy, social media content, article summary, Google ads, blogs outline, blog post content ideas, meta descriptions, and whatnot.

biss mode jasper example of best writing tools

2) Apart from the templates, Jasper is integrated with Surfer SEO, which is a popular AI SEO tool that helps you optimize your content based on the top-ranking articles on your keyword. So, you not only get the best ai experience but also optimize your content for search engines.

If you play its SEO mode, Jasper will take you to another tab where you can log in to your Surfer account and integrate it with Jasper. This way, you write and optimize your content at the same time.

3) Surfer also integrates with Grammarly and Copyscape to ensure you get high-quality content every time and are free from plagiarism. Grammarly and Copyscape are two of the most popular tools for detecting plagiarism, and it’s great to have them integrated into your ai writing tools.

jasper image as example of the best writting tools

4) Jasper has a documented history, meaning if you delete a document by mistake, you can get it back within seconds without worrying about losing your previous work.

example of jasper prompt writing tool

5) Jasper has its own recipes built by marketing experts to help you write better. You can even develop your own recipe based on what worked for you once, so you need to run it the next time you write something.

you can have receipes in jasper writing tool

Jasper Pricing: How much does Jasper cost?

Jasper is a bit expensive compared to other ai writing tools. But it’s well worth the money, considering all its features and the quality of the content it creates for you.

It has three pricing plans:

  • Basic ($40/month), and you get 20k words credit
  • Professional ($82/month), and you get 50k words credit.
  • You can increase the credit limit if you’re writing more than the allotted amount of words.
  • The third is custom pricing, and you can contact their sales team to discuss your needs.

Even though it’s a bit expensive, the features and quality of content that Jasper provides make it one of the best writing software tools available in the market today. If you want to create high-quality content for your marketing or SEO campaigns, we highly recommend giving Jasper a try.


Closer Copy landing Page

The second best ai writing software on our list is CloserCopy. While it’s not as popular or feature-rich as Jasper, it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution.

CloserCopy is designed to write high-quality content based on your keywords. It helps you get optimized content without having to do any manual research or writing. All you have to do is enter your keyword, and CloserCopy will do the rest.

Check the dashboard of CloserCopy:

closer copy writing tool
framework builder example closerCopy ai writing tool tested by me

CloserCopy specifically mentions that writing social media posts will help you get more engagement and clicks by including keywords in your post copy. This ai writing tool doesn’t depend on GPS-3 technologies- instead, they have its own AI writing algorithms.

With more than 70 templates and supporting 127 languages, CloserCopy is an excellent option for anyone looking to create high-quality content without spending too much time researching, writing, and editing the content.

What are the Unique Features of the CloserCopy AI writing tool?

1) It has three unique AI generation models (not GPT-3), which is different from Jasper or other ai writing tools in the market. This unique AI model helps CloserCopy generate high-quality content faster than other ai tools.

2) It has three ai models that can write faster and better copy and give results within seconds. This helps you create more high-quality content without spending too much time on it.

CloserCopy ad

3) 60+ Templates and Frameworks that can be easily customized to fit your needs. CloserCopy also has a built-in long-form editor where you can write without any limits) CloserCopy integrates seamlessly with social media, making it easy to post your content directly to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

4) Insights and Analytics:

This is a cool feature that gives you valuable insights about your copy. Whether it’s the readability level, uniqueness, emotional appeal, or engagement metrics, CloserCopy will give you all the essential data points to help you optimize your content for better results.

5) Official Facebook group:

They have a  private Facebook group for their users, where you can connect with other content creators and get help and support from the CloserCopy team.

6) SEO Audits:

The AI in CloserCopy is designed to generate optimized content for SEO. It can also give you a detailed SEO audit for your existing content to help you improve your search rankings. With a score of 0-100, you can easily make improvements and optimize your content to get better results.

CloserCopy pricing: How much is CloserCopy?

CloserCopy has three pricing plans:

CloserCopy price

1) Power ($49/month), and you get 300 AI runs, two-member seats, and 50 SEO audits

2) Super Power ($79/month), and you get unlimited credits, three-member seats, and unlimited SEO audits

3) Super Power Squad ($99/month), and you get unlimited AI runs, five-member seats, and unlimited SEO audits

What are the Cons of CloserCopy?

  • While there are many great features of CloserCopy, it also has some cons, which is why we have kept it second on our list of popular ai writing tools.
  • For example, it doesn’t have Grammarly or any plagiarism checker, so you need additional third-party tools to check for plagiarism in your content.

But these three cons are minor compared to the many strengths and benefits of using CloserCopy for your content creation needs.

If you’re looking for fast, easy, and high-quality ai writing generator tools, CloserCopy is worth trying. With its advanced AI technology and a wide array of features, you can create optimized content that’s tailored to your audience and marketing goals.


Rytr front page

The third-party tool by Rytr is a cloud-based tool and one of the most popular options for bloggers and content marketers looking to save time on writing. Simplicity and speedy execution are the two things Rytr excels at.

Like most ai writing tools, Rytr also works on GPT-3, a state-of-the-art machine learning technology. It analyzes your content, recommends topic ideas, and writes content for you.

How good the output is will depend on the input you give. So, if you feed it junk data, expect poor-quality content. But that’s not much of a problem because Rytr provides 8,000+ topic ideas and writers to choose from.

Rytr 2

Check the Rytr document editor:

As you can see, though it is more straightforward than its counterpart, Jasper’s Boss Mode editor, it has the same features, i.e., you can add desired language, select tone, and select a use case on the fly (blog post and outline for instance.)

Following are some popular use cases:

rytr 4
rytr 5

Use cases aren’t limited to what’s already in the tool. You can create custom use cases to suit your needs.

What are the Unique Features of Rytr?

1. Speed:

As mentioned earlier, one of the key features of Rytr is that it helps you finish your content writing within minutes.

2. Multi-support language

It supports 29 languages which means you can use it in English, French, Portuguese, and several other languages.

3. Text editing options:

Rytr offers several text editing options that make it easy to format your content. It has the following options:

Improve: This option helps you improve your content by suggesting ways to improve the readability of your content.

Shorten: Shorten gives you the option to shorten your content by replacing longer words with shorter ones.

Rephrase: Use this option to change your content’s sentence structure, adding synonyms and other text metrics.

Check for plagiarism: Rytr also has a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is unique.

4. Semrush Integration:

Rytr also integrates with Semrush, a popular search engine optimization tool. This helps marketers and bloggers improve the long-term performance of their content by providing insights on their target keywords and competitor analysis.

5. Wide tone selection:

Now, this is really cool. The wide tone selection feature allows you to choose the desired tone for your content. This helps ensure that your content sounds natural and not overly sale-focused or promotional.

6. Chrome extension:

Last but not least, Rytr also has a Chrome extension that makes it easy to work with the tool even when you’re on the go.

Rytr pricing: How much does Rytr cost?

Rytr is a freemium product with basic features available for free. However, you’ll have to pay if you need access to premium features like the ability to generate content for different industries. Prices start at $9/mo for a single-user account and go up to $299/mo for an enterprise plan.

Free package: You generate 10k words every month for free and use most of the features.

Savor package: If you need to generate more content and want access to premium features, you can opt for the Savor package. You can generate 100k words every month for $19/mo.

Unlimited plan: If you need unlimited content for your business, the Unlimited package is for you. It costs $29/mo and gives you access to all features.

rytr pricing plan for this writing tool

So if you need to generate high-quality content for your website or blog quickly, Rytr is definitely worth checking out. With a dedicated account manager and top-notch support, Rytr is one of the most popular best ai writing assistants on the market today if you are on a budget.


Copy AI

The fourth ai writing tool on our list is CopyAI. This software doesn’t have bells and whistles but provides good quality and fast content. It works best for writing email subject lines, headlines, social media captions, and product descriptions.

However, when it comes to long-form content and blog posts, CopyAI isn’t the best option as its artificial intelligence doesn’t write blog posts or long-form content with the same quality as Jasper. But at the same time, when Jasper takes some time to learn how other ai copywriting tools work, Copy.ai hardly has any learning curve.

Select a template, for instance, an email template, and create your content in seconds. Copy.ai also helps you to brainstorm ideas, especially when you are stuck with writer’s block.

Following are some of the popular templates you can choose from (total is 90+ templates):

copy AI featured image 2

How does Copy.ai Work?

Copy.ai works in three simple steps:

Enter your copy project

Copy AI 2 freestyle mode example writing tool

Give some context like keyword and product offer:

Freestyle zoom in writing tools

Check the results:

How to check results in copy AI writing tool

Edit your content and done:

There you go! You will have your content in a few minutes!

Pros and Cons of Copy.ai


  • 100+ templates for your content needs; easy to use; generate high-quality content in minutes.
  • Freestyle tools: brainstorming and topic-generation tool helps you generate content ideas quickly.
  • AIDA and PAS-supported copywriting strategies.


  • Sometimes lags when you are generating large content.
  • It needs fact-checking every time you use it.
  • Doesn’t have any SEO or plagiarism checker tool.

Copy.ai Pricing: How much does Copy.ai cost?

Copy AI Pricing

Copy.ai offers two plans; the lite plan is free, and the pro plan costs $49/month.

Free plan: Copy.ai has a free plan that you can use to generate 2k words a month without any restrictions on the number of projects you can create.

Pro plan: The pro plan allows you to generate up to 40k words a month for $49 a month with 5 users and unlimited projects. You can get more credits by upgrading.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple, affordable and quick ai writing software to generate content, Copy.ai is an excellent option to consider. 

However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated solution that can produce content across multiple formats, you may want to look at other options, such as Jasper or CloserCopy. Nevertheless, with its easy-to-use interface and fast content generation, Copy.ai is definitely worth trying out!


Copy Smith Feature Image

CopySmith has been a popular choice among copywriters and marketers for writing eCommerce copy, emails, and product descriptions. It has been around for a long time, but it has constantly improved its features and algorithms.

CopySmith uses the power of AI to understand context, tone, and voice, which can help you create engaging and high-quality content. It uses a unique combination of its own algorithm and the most popular copywriting techniques to create copy that is easy to read and appeals to the target audience.

Apart from just writing, you can save all the copy swipe files and use them for future campaigns. The platform gives you access to a library of pre-written copy, which you can use or customize to suit your needs.

What are the Unique Selling Points of CopySmith?

Copy Templates to write fast:

With CopySmith, you can create high-converting copy for your campaigns in just a few minutes. It has templates for ads like Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn ads, and Facebook, as well as for blogs such as article writing assistant, blog outlining, product descriptions, and so on.

Campaign Builder:

CopySmith also allows you to create and manage your own campaigns for content writing.

Integration with the most popular marketing tools:

CopySmith integrates with the most popular marketing platforms like Google ads, Frase, WooCommecre, Zapier, Hootsuite, and more.

Chrome Extension:

CopySmith also has a Chrome extension and a WordPress Plugin that helps you generate content while you’re browsing the internet or writing a new blog post.

Content creation in bulk: With CopySmith, you can create large amounts of content within minutes. The platform allows you to create multiple campaigns at the same time and has a bulk content creation feature for easy submission.

It has many use cases that can 10x your productivity, increase your reach, and help you drive more engagement.

What we didn’t like about CopySmith:

While CopySmith is a great copywriting option, it has some limitations. The platform doesn’t provide the ability to write long-form content, which most marketers and bloggers need.

Almost every content creation requires tweaks and changes – which is why you need to revise the copy with tools like Grammarly. That way can make sure your copy is perfect.

If you use your credits, they will stay active. So, be sure to use them promptly.

CopySmith Pricing: How much does CopySmith cost?

Copy Smith AI writing tool pricing plans

CopySmith has two plans:

1) Basic Plan – $19.99 per month: It offers 40k words and 75 plagiarism.

2) Premium Plan – $59.99 per month: It offers 260k words and 100 plagiarism checks.

The third plan is custom and based on your needs. So, you can contact the CopySmith team to find out more or sign up for a free trial.

Overall, we will rank CopySmith as the best ai content generator for eCommerce copy, ads, and product descriptions. It is easy to use, provides high-quality copy, and integrates with the most popular marketing tools (which many other tools do). So, if you’re looking for a fast and efficient way of creating content, CopySmith is the right choice.

Scalenut: Best Choice for SEOs

Scalenut landing page for writtin ai software

Scalenut is the last in our list of ai writing software. With a massive database of millions of topics, it has been the most popular choice for content marketers and writers. It has an inbuilt SEO report feature that helps you create search-engine-optimized content. Put the keyword of your choice, and Scalenut will generate engaging and SEO-friendly content.

Scalenut will go through a billion databases, no matter the topic, to help you understand what should be written for certain keywords. Their video description, Quora, Reddit, and other social media content templates are among the best in the industry.

What are the unique features of Scalenut?

Scalenut is becoming one of the best AI writing assistant tools because of its unique features.

Here are some of the features that make Scalenut a unique tool:

1) SEO Hub:

Scalenut is one of the few ai writing generators with an inbuilt SEO report tool to help you create high-quality, search-engine-optimized content.

Here is how it works:

Ho scalenut works steps

2) Cruise Mode:

Scalenut also offers a feature called “Cruise Mode,” which helps you create content quickly. This mode allows you to input your keyword and generate content automatically in minutes. Cruise Mode works in 5 steps:

Give context:

Write a brief description of what Scalenut does and why it is a top choice for content marketers.

Add a suitable title: Give a suitable title that properly describes the features and functionality of Scalenut.

Set the foundation: Set the structure of your content by adding keywords or Htags. You can add info from Quora, Reddit, or other social media platforms to give your content a more authentic feel.

Scalenut will write headings and topics based on what you have fed in.

There you go!: Just add a few finishing touches to your content, and you’re done!

3) Talent Network:

This cool feature allows you to connect with writers and content creators who are experts in their fields. If you need to fine-tune your content but don’t have the time, simply use this feature to connect with a professional writer who can help you get the job done.

4) Chrome extension:

Scalenut also has a convenient Chrome extension that makes it easier for you to generate content when needed. Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating social media content, or writing digital ad copy, this extension is perfect for any task.

5) Topic Clusters:

To help you create content more efficiently, Scalenut uses topic clusters that gather relevant content topics and information related to a particular keyword. This way, you can have all the information you need directly in front of you and create better content more quickly.

Scalenut pricing: How much does Scalenut cost?

Scalenut has three pricing tiers, depending on your needs.

scalenut ai software pricing

The cheapest plan costs $12 per month and allows you to create up to 100,000 words of content each day. It has 5 SEO reports and 40+ ai tools to help you create engaging content.

The mid-level plan is $32 per month, and it gives you up to unlimited words of content each day. In addition to all the features offered in the lower tier, you also get access to 30 SEO reports and Cruise Mode.

Finally, the premium plan is $60 per month and offers unlimited words, unlimited SEO reports, and topic cluster tools.

What we didn’t like about Scalenut:

  • They don’t offer Cruise Mode in their basic plan, which means if you need to use Scalenut to the fullest, you’ll have to upgrade your plan.
  • We often see repetition in the content generated by Scalenut, and some users have complained of limited customization options.
  • They cover the top 30 competitors when you are using SEO  Hub, which can be a drawback if you want more information about your competitors.

Despite these few drawbacks, Scalenut is still one of the best AI writing assistant software on the market, thanks to its powerful features and easy-to-use interface. Overall, if you’re an SEO-conscious content marketer looking for a tool that can help you create high-quality content that Google will love, Scalenut is definitely worth checking out.


Anyword pricing

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Jasper, then Anyword is a good option. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced copywriter or a complete newbie; Anyword is the perfect choice for you. Its predictive analysis and AI technology help you write better content that can bring more traffic and sales to your business.

Anyword is the first AI copywriting tool that offers predictive performance, which means it can automatically detect how your target audience will receive your content.

Also,  what demographics will interest them, and how you can improve its performance to get better results.

Key features of Anyword include:

1) Brainstorm Text Variation:

A unique feature of Anyword that helps you get more ideas and write better content which businesses can use for marketing, SEO, and other campaigns. Since Anyword gives text variation in bulk, marketers can save time and write several iterations of copy at a time.

2) Preset Keyword Library:

A simple but powerful feature that helps you get better results. It curates a set of keyword suggestions based on your business niche. For instance, you can instruct the tool to mention promotional phrases and get keyword suggestions like coupon codes and sales. You can create your own library

3) Predictive analysis score:

A unique feature of Anyword that lets you see how your content will perform before it’s published. It means each copy you create is already evaluated to perform in a specific way, which means you can see if your content is likely to get more traffic or sales opportunities.

Scalenut analysis tab with a 93 orinted on it as a result of a AI tool scan

4) Custom Mode:

Though Anyword has many Use cases and it’s perfect for online marketers, you can also train it to create custom ad copy and social media content in your specific brand voice, tailored to your competitors, or for you to leverage the huge pool of content the tool already has created.

5) Custom keywords:

As a business owner, you might have your own set of keywords and phrases that you want to incorporate into your content. Anyword makes this task simple and easy by allowing you to add your own custom keywords.

How does Anyword Help Write Copy?

Their website lists down the step-by-step process of how Anyword can help you write high-quality copy that can boost your business. 

Here are the basic steps:

anyword working mechanism

In fact, Anyword claims that marketers can increase their conversion rate by 30% when they use its copywriting software.

Example of the type of content that Anyword ai writing tool can produce

What kind of content can you produce with Anyword?

Though Anyword is more suited for businesses that want to create ad copy, social media is a versatile copywriting tool that can be used for a wide range of content marketing needs.

Anyword Pricing: How much does Anyword Cost?

anyword pricing
  • Anyword has a free version that gives you 1000 credits.
  • Their basic plan starts at $24/month to generate 20,000 words.
  • For businesses that need more than 20,000 words in a month, you can choose the enterprise plan for $83/month to create 30,000 words credit.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful copywriting tool that uses AI and predictive analysis to help you create better content, then Anyword is an excellent choice. 


writer sonic 0

Do you write a lot of marketing content and want your ai writers to help you with that? WriteSonic is the answer. It’s an AI-powered content writing tool that understands your brand voice perfectly and produces content that matches it. It uses proven copywriting formula such as AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action) to help you create better marketing content.

The majority of users find WriterSonic best for writing product descriptions, landing pages content, long-form (up to 1500 words) articles, ad copy, and website copy for their marketing campaigns. The best thing? It takes only 15 seconds to produce results.

All you need is to give your target keywords, a brief about the content or some other phrases that best describe the content, and WriteSonic will start generating a variety of content for you.

WriteSonic Dashboard:

Writer Sonic AI writing Tool

What are the Unique Features of WriteSonic?

Multiple use cases: Whether you’re a blogger, content writer, or marketer, WriteSonic can help you generate and curate better content.

Unique features of Writersonic

Two-step process:

It’s a two-step process where you just describe and generate. WriteSonic does everything else for you.

Paraphrasing tool:

WriteSonic’s unique paraphrasing tool helps you rephrase your content in the most natural way.

Text explainer:

Looking to explain complex terms, phrases, and processes? WriteSonic can do that for you too.

Multi-language support:

WriteSonc writes content in more than 24 languages so you can cater to a global audience.

What we didn’t like about WriteSonic

Grammatical issues: Some users have noted grammatical issues with generated content.

Seem robotic: Additionally, users have also reported that Sometimes WriteSonic’s AI-generated content may sound too robotic.

Plagiarism issues:

Some content produced by WriteSonic may also seem plagiarized if you’re not careful while using it.

WriteSonic Pricing: How much does Writesonic cost?

WriteSonic has a free trial for a month for new users. You can generate 6250 words for free and purchase additional content depending on your needs. The pricing for the premium plan is as follows:

  • Paid plan 1: 30,000 words: $10.
  • Paid plan 2: 500000 words: $13.

You can always get more credits for each plan if you think you need to upgrade your plan.

Writer Sonic Pricing plan

Overall, WriteSonic is a great AI writing tool to help you with your content marketing efforts. However, it does have some limitations in terms of grammar and plagiarism issues that you should be aware of before using it. So if you’re careful about these aspects, Writesonic can be a great option for quickly and easily creating high-quality content. We will suggest using Grammarly as well to minimize the grammar issue. But overall, it’s a great tool for your content marketing needs. So try it out and see if it meets your requirements!

Saying that, our next recommendation is Grammarly!


Grammarly Featured Image

Grammarly is the world’s leading software that helps you proofread your content. Whether social media, online articles,, or your personal documents, Grammarly can help you check grammar and writing style errors.

Though Grammarly isn’t an ai writing tool per se, it does have some ai capabilities that help you improve the overall quality of your content. The AI uses deep-learning algorithms to correct grammar and style errors in your content.

Since most ai writing tools produce content that has many grammatical and style errors, Grammarly is the perfect tool to clean up your content. We talked about WriteSonic having grammatical issues in its ai-generated content. Grammarly helps fix all these issues and ensures that your ai-generated content looks professional and polished.

What does Grammarly do?

Grammar and punctuation checks:

Grammarly is well known for its grammar and punctuation checks. You can just copy-paste your content or use an online editor like Google Docs to make use of this powerful tool.

Spell check:

Grammarly also doubles as a spell checker to help you identify and correct spelling errors in your content.


Grammarly Redabilty Image

Grammarly can also analyze the readability of your content, making it more user-friendly for your audience. It checks for word count, character count, syllable count, and sentence structure to determine the overall readability of your content.

Writing style:

Grammarly also analyzes your writing style and helps you improve the tone and style of your content. Whether it’s informal or formal, business-related, or for marketing, Grammarly can help you improve your writing style and make it more engaging.

Plagiarism checker:

Grammarly Plagirism Checker

One of the best features of Grammarly is its ability to scan your content for plagiarism. Whether you’re writing an academic paper or a marketing website, it’s important to avoid plagiarism, so you don’t get in trouble with your professors or your clients.

Grammarly pricing: How much does Grammarly cost?

Grammarly offers a free and premium plan for users who need additional features. Their basic plan is free and allows you to check basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Their premium plan starts at $12.00/month, which lets you upload documents of any size for a more thorough checking process.

Grammarly Pricing AI writing tool
@nd pricing of grammarly premium writting tool

If you take their business plan, you pay $15.00/month, which gives you access to advanced features such as a plagiarism checker and document proofreading services.

Overall, if you use any of the ai writing tools mentioned in our list, Grammarly is the one tool you should definitely consider using. It will speed up your writing process and help you check, and polish your content for spelling and grammar errors, as well as help, improve your writing style to make it more engaging.

10) Wordtune


Like Grammarly, Wordtune isn’t an actual ai writing software, but it’s essentially an AI-powered tool that understands the context of your content and rephrases it to make it more engaging, easily understandable, and unique.

Wordtune uses multiple language models to analyze your content for better readability and the tone that resonates with your audience the most. It makes it super easy to improve and adjust your writing style, providing you with actionable insights so you can craft content that truly connects with people.

How does Wordtune Work?

Wordtune has an editor that lets you upload your content and rephrase it based on the context of your content, semantics, and writing style so that it’s more readable, unique, and engaging while keeping the feel and style of your writing.

It provides you with multiple options for every input that you can choose and tweak based on your preferences, so you can create content that truly resonates with your audience.

Featured Image of Wordtune

It also integrates with some of the top marketing tools to help you analyze and optimize your content for better results. Wordtune also has Chrome, so you can easily use it to quickly improve your writing and research articles right in the browser.

What are the unique features of Wordtune?

Cloud-based: Wordtune is a cloud-based tool that runs on the internet, so you don’t need to download or install anything. This also makes it super convenient to access your content and analyze it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Integration with Microsoft: A relatively new feature, Wordtune has now integrated with Microsoft to create a seamless experience between the two platforms. You can easily share and edit your content in Wordtune and Microsoft without having to worry about moving your content from one platform to another.

Smart paste features: Wordtune also has a smart paste feature that detects the content you’ve copied and automatically analyzes it for better readability. So you can quickly improve the quality of your content with just a few clicks.

Semantic-based: Wordtune uses semantic analysis to understand your content’s context better. So it can provide you with actionable insights that help you craft better and more engaging content.

Multi-language support: Wordtune supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more. So you can use it no matter what language you use for your marketing campaigns.

Integration with social media platforms: Wordtune also integrates with some of the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you analyze your content better.

Wordtune Works

Wordtune pricing: How much does Wordtune cost?

Wordtune has a free plan that gives you limited access to its features for 10 days and a premium plan that starts at $9.99/month. You can also try out their custom pricing options if you have specific needs and requirements.

Wordtune Pricing

What we like about Wordtune:

  • It understands the tone of your content so you can create more engaging and relatable content.
  • It makes your content more creative, unique, and easy to understand.
  • If you lack expression in your writing, Wordtune can help you fix that by providing you with multiple options for every word and phrase.

Overall, Wordtune is a powerful tool for improving your content writing and marketing, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for ways to boost engagement and get better results from your marketing campaigns. 

If you aren’t creative or expressive with your writing, or if you have trouble finding the right words to convey your message, Wordtune can help you overcome these challenges and create better content that connects with your target audience.

Surfer SEO

SurferSEO Featured Image

Surfer is a content optimization tool that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and search algorithms to help you rank higher on Google. It makes it easy to understand what key factors your competitors are using to rank on Google and provides you with recommendations to improve your content and get ahead.

Though Surfer is a relatively content optimization tool, it’s a perfect companion if you use Jasper. Surfer is integrated with Jasper, which means the content generated by the former can be optimized for search engines by the latter.

But even if you don’t go for Jasper, Surfer SEO has its unique document editor that helps you write and optimize your content simultaneously. The only difference is you have to write content manually, and Surfer will optimize it for you.

The best thing about Surfer is even if you are new to SEO, you don’t need to learn the technical aspects of SEO to use the tool. It’s ai driven, which means it automatically comes up with suggestions to optimize your content based on top-ranking articles.

Check this screenshot to learn more about Surfer:

Surfer SEO score example of an article I created on my anual membership

As you can see, the document editor has content manually written, whereas the right side shows the SEO score of the content.

What are the unique features of Surfer SEO?

Content planner:

1) Surfer has a content planner where you can plan your content based on your main keyword. When you enter the main keyword, it will show you clusters that you can write about. Whenever you want to create an article, just use one of the clusters, and you’re good to go.

2) Audit:

Surfer will audit your articles and give you recommendations on how to improve the content. It will tell you what keyword density, length, and structure your article needs in order to rank higher on Google.

3) Content Editor:

Surfer has a simple yet powerful document editor where you can write, format, and optimize your content. You just checked the screenshot above to see how it looks.

4) Grow Flow:

This is very cool as it lets you add your website to Surfer. grow flow will help you boost your website performance based on daily recommendations from Surfer.

Surfer Pricing: How much does Surfer cost?

Surfer has four plans; one free and three paid plans.

SurferSEO pricing program

Overall,  Surfer is an excellent tool for content optimization. Whether you are looking to optimize your existing content or create new content from scratch, Surfer has everything you need to boost your search rankings and get better results from your content marketing efforts.

Article Forge

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One of the oldest players in the ai writing space, Article Forge is a powerful AI writing tool that helps content marketers and bloggers generate high-quality content in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and discover relevant topics and then write informative and engaging content up to 1500 long.

Be it product descriptions, blog posts, website content, or marketing materials, Article Forge can help you create all kinds of content. All it needs is your main keyword, 60 seconds to analyze your content, and then come up with a unique and informative piece.

What are the features and benefits of using Article Forge?

Some of the key features and benefits of using Article Forge include:

SEO-optimized content:

Article Forge uses advanced AI technology and natural language processing to generate engaging and optimized content for search engines.

Ease of use:

Unlike other ai writing tools, Article Forge is incredibly easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can get started and generate content that your audience will love.


As mentioned before, you can create 1500-word pieces of content in minutes using Article Forge. This makes it one of the fastest AI writing tools available today, helping you save time and stay productive.

Article Forge pricing; How much does Article Forge cost?

ArticleForge pricing scheme

Article Forge has a flexible pricing model and offers different plans depending on the volume of content that you need to generate.

Their basic plan starts at $13/month and lets you generate 25,000-word pieces of content every month.

Details of other plans:

Overall, if you have a short budget or are looking for a fast and simple way to generate content, Article Forge can help you achieve your goals. It’s the oldest and most popular ai writing platform and gets our vote as a good resource for marketers and bloggers.

AI Writer

AI Writer Featured Image

AI Writer is probably one of the best options to generate content as a relatively new player in the AI-writing market. The tool makes it easy to draft content in a smoother manner with its simple interface and minimalistic design. With AI Writer, you can start creating content from scratch and scale your content marketing within minutes. You can also upload an existing document, and AI Writer will automatically reword and rephrase it without intent, enabling your content to pass Copyscape and remain plagiarism free.

What are the main features of AI Writer?

Following are some of the main features that AI Writer provides:

Verifiable citations and references.

Personally, this feature of Ai Writer impressed me the most. Usually, ai writing tools can only generate the content but do not verify its authenticity. With AI Writer, you don’t need to worry about that, as it provides you with references and citations that can be verified against real sources.

SEO-optimized editor:

Ai Writer is SEO-optimized, and that’s why you can easily add keywords to the content without breaking a sweat.

(Sub)Topic Discoverer:

With this tool, you can easily discover the subtopics of any topic to generate more content.  You can even add new subtopics by simply typing them in the box.

Source summarizer:

Ai Writer automatically summarizes the source content and presents it in your own words. This is a great way to get more content without having to worry about researching.

What’s the best thing about AI Writer?

I think the best thing about AI Writer is its ability to generate SEO-optimized content. This means that your content is not only of high quality but also optimized for search engines. This helps you get more traffic and engagement, which results in improved business growth and revenue.

AI Writer pricing: How much does AI Writer Cost?

There are three different pricing options available with AI Writer: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

AI writing price

Overall, I think that AI Writer is very easy to use and a great tool for businesses, bloggers, and marketers looking to generate high-quality content quickly. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that AI Writer does not create content from scratch but instead relies on existing content to rewrite and restructure it.

So, sometimes it uses trademarked terms or phrases that the original content creator may not approve of. So, you should be fine if you proofread your content carefully before publishing it.


Peppertype.ai Featured Image

Peppertype is the last suggestion on our list of ai writing tools, but it is by no means the least. The tool uses machine learning and natural language generation (NLG) to understand the context of your content and create new material from it.

You can write a targeted email in under 30 seconds with the help of Peppertype.ai. Peppertype is designed specifically for email marketing and social media outreach, making it a great tool for marketers, businesses, or bloggers.

With templates like Quora Answers, Google Ad Copy, Facebook Ads Copy, Long form Blog Articles, short-form content, and Email Followups, you can create targeted email outreach campaigns in seconds.

Following are the Use cases (templates) supported by Peppertype.ai:

Content Type of Peppertype AI

As you can see, these use cases cover every type of marketing or outreach campaign you might need. Whether you are trying to generate leads through email or drive more traffic to your blog, Peppertype can help.

If you are a content marketer, Peppertype is a must-have tool in your arsenal. With its advanced AI technology, you can create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and drives traffic, leads, or sales. So, give Peppertype a try today and see the results for yourself!

What are the new features added to Peppertype in the latest update?

Following are some of the new features that were recently added to Peppertype:

Personalized content output: 

A like and dislike button has been added to the interface so that users can provide feedback on the generated content. This allows Peppertype to tailor its content generation algorithm to your preferences, resulting in more relevant and engaging content.

Peppertype AI feature to like or dislike the output

More streamlined dashboard: 

The new dashboard is more streamlined and intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate between templates and create content in a matter of seconds. 

Prompt box of Peppertype AI with an easy UI to the user

More use cases: 

In addition to the existing email templates, Peppertype now also supports a variety of other marketing and outreach use cases, including social media posts, eCommerce, and products. So, no matter what type of content you need for your marketing campaigns, Peppertype has you covered! 

Peppertype AI extra use cases taht makes it one of the best writting tools of this year

Peppertype pricing: How much does Peppertype cost?

There are two plans; Personal and Team. The Personal plan is priced at $135 per month and gives you access to all use cases and 50,000 words of personalized content generation capacity per month.

Peppertype pricing

The team plan is priced at $40 per month and gives you access to everything in your personal plan, plus more advanced features.

Check this screenshot:

Overall, I think that Peppertype is a powerful and versatile tool for marketers, businesses, bloggers, and content creators. With its advanced AI technology, you can create high-quality content that drives traffic, leads, or sales. So, if you are looking for a fast and effective way to create targeted marketing or outreach campaigns, I highly recommend giving Peppertype a try.

Conclusion: Best Ai Writing Tools

Looking for the best ai writing tools? Ai writing isn’t new, but 2022 is the year it has become a popular tool for writers. Everyone is talking about ai writing. Be it marketers, bloggers, or businesses, Ai writing tools have become a go-to tool for content generation. There are hundreds of options available in the market today, but finding the right one is often challenging.

And that’s why we’ve got you covered with our review of the ai writing generators. We tried and tested several ai writing tools and shortlisted the ones that not only helped us generate content fast but also helped us create high-quality content.

Our ai writing software tools buying guide has hopefully given you a good idea of what to look for when shopping around for writing tools. But we suggest doing your own research and carefully comparing the different features, pricing plans, and customer reviews of each tool before making a purchase.

The best ai writing assistants have changed the landscape of writing and content creation, enabling us to create targeted and engaging content in a matter of seconds. And if you are looking for a powerful and versatile ai writer that can help you stand out in the crowded online landscape, then I highly recommend Jasper coupled with Surfer SEO to optimize your content.

And finally, having Grammarly on the side is a big plus! So, head on over to their website today and give them a try.

Any other ai writing tool you want to see reviewed? Let me know. 



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