What type of Hotel Key Cards are best for your needs

Updated: January 24, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

Do you know what hotel key cards are?

Hotel Key card have been around for a while, but their use has evolved. 

Originally keycards were used as physical keys to unlock hotel rooms more than anything.

Hotel access cards offer several benefits over conventional key locks, including convenience and safety.

If you’re looking for a more secure and convenient way to unlock your hotel room, use a smart key card instead of a traditional key lock. 

Hotel key cards provide an extra layer of security by requiring a unique digital key. Also, these digital cards are much more convenient than carrying a bunch of physical keys.

Finally, wireless technology is on the rise. 

Technologies like Bluetooth, NFC, and RFID are beginning to replace traditional keys with keyless entry solutions and qr code plastic fob cards. 

But which key card is more secure or cheaper for your business?

hotel key card come in various shapes and sizes, each offering access, security, and convenience levels. Let’s break them down one by one:

Types key cads

RFID Key Cards


RFID cards are a type of key card that utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to identify keyholders. 

RFID access cards use a thin, lightweight card with an embedded RFID chip that can be read by an RFID reader to unlock doors without needing to physically open them. The key card acts as a bridge between

This technology is so powerful and efficient that it allows keyholders to unlock their doors with a simple wave of the key card, even inside a wallet or purse. Digital cards have several benefits. 

RFID keycards provide a convenient way to access their rooms without carrying bulky keychains or key fobs.

Magnetic stripe key cards

magnetic stripes

Write How do magnetic stripe cards work and some examples of their use?

Magnetic stripe hotel key card (also known as magstripe cards) are plastic cards with a strip of magnetic information on the back. 

The magstripe contains encoded data to identify cardholders and authorize transactions. In other words, these hotel key card work like an access pass to enter certain areas or make payments.

How to use Magnetic stripe key cards?

To use magnetic stripe hotel key cards, the user must place their card in a reader device. The card reader will then decode the information on the magnetic strip and either grant or deny access to the user. 

For example, suppose you are trying to get into a restricted area of an office building. In that case, your magnetic keycard needs to be swiped into a card reader at the entrance. Just like a credit card

If you have the correct privileges, the door will unlock and allow you entry. 

In addition to hotel management, these keycards are also used for payment processing in retail stores and vending machines.

Examples of Magnetic stripe cards used:

  • Access control: Magnetic stripe cards authorize and restrict access to certain areas. They can be found in hotels, office buildings, and other restricted locations.
  • Payment processing: Many retailers use magnetic stripe keycards for payment transactions. This includes online stores, supermarkets, vending machines, and more
  • Hotel room keys: Swiping your magnetic stripe

QR Code Cards

qr codes

QR codes are a type of barcode or identity tag that, when scanned, can take you to a specific website, store, or documentation.

 However, Hotels or businesses can use them to identify customers. For example, I went to a concert last week and had my ticket on a QR code on my cellphone. 

QR code cards are used in numerous industries and can also be used in hotels. They are most commonly used in retail stores where customers can use their smartphones to scan.

NFC Cards

NFC Cards

Near Field Communication (NFC) cards are an increasingly popular access card that allows users to securely store and transfer digital data over short distances. 

NFC cards use a particular type of radio technology that allows for exchanging information without physical contact. This makes them ideal for use in environments where contactless entry is desired, such as office buildings and hotels.

How to use NFC cards?

Using an NFC card is quite simple. You just need to place your card on a compatible reader device, like the ones found at most access points. 

The reader detects the information stored on the card and either grant or deny entry. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, NFC cards do not need to be swiped. Placing the card close to the reader is enough.

Examples of NFC card uses:

examples use NFC card
  • Access control: NFC cards are often found in office buildings and hotels as a form of security. This allows employees and guests to enter their facility with a simple tap of their card.
  • Payment processing: NFC cards are becoming increasingly popular in retail stores, vending machines, and other areas where contactless payments are accepted.
  • Hotel room keys: Tap your NFC card on the reader to unlock your door.
  • Digital business cards or Smart Cards: Digital business cards allow users to store and transfer their contact information in an electronic format. Also helps businesses keep track of who they have been in contact with and allows customers to easily access their details

Most common uses of smart key cards

Hotel Room key card

It allows hotel staff to quickly identify guests and gunlock their rooms without using manual keys or keypads.

Key cards have other uses, such as membership cards on clubs, payment processing in retail stores and vending machines, secure data transmission, and digital business cards.

Parking lot key card

parking lot key card

Most parking lots, garages, and similar facilities use key cards to control access. This is a convenient way to allow customers to enter their designated area without needing manual keys or passwords. 

When a customer inserts a key card into the reader, it sends an electric current to the lock on the gate, allowing them access to their designated parking area.

Front Door key card

Key cards can also be used to allow access to residential properties. By equipping the front door with a key card reader, homeowners can easily grant access to visitors without needing to hand out physical keys or provide passwords. 

The visitor needs to insert their key card into the reader, which will then send an electric current to the lock on the door, allowing them access. This is an effective way to secure a residential property while allowing visitors easy access.

Alternatives to Traditional Key Cards.

Alternative key cards to traditional cards include magnetic cards, RFID, NFC cards, and biometric system.

Magnetic key cards are the simplest form of key card technology; they work as traditional credit cards. They contain a small strip of magnetized material encoded with data read by key card readers.

RFID key cards work similarly to magnetic keycards. Still, they contain a small radio frequency chip encoded with data that key card readers can detect.

NFC key cards are more advanced than both magnetic and RFID key cards. They use Near Field Communication technology to communicate with the key.

Finally, all these cards can be made in different materials such as woodmetal (even gold), or many kinds of plastic

I hope you have a better idea of the most common electronic or digital cards that many hotels use. I f you have any other doubts or want me to test the technology in particular let me know.



Are hotel Key cards safe?

Despite popular belief, hotel keycards store only a minimal amount of information – your room number and stay dates. Even if lost or stolen, they are unlikely to contain sensitive financial data such as credit card numbers or passwords. Overall, using a key card provides users with some peace of mind knowing their personal identities are safe in terms of how much information can be accessed through them.

Why hotel key cards and cardholders?

  • Hotel room key card are a key component to secure and control access in hospitality industry
  • They allow hotel staff to quickly identify guests and give them access to their rooms without having to use manual keys or keypads
  • The hotel key card also stores information about the guest, such as their name and room number, which allows hotel staff to quickly identify them and grant them access to their room
  • What makes key cards best for your business?

    hotel Keycards are the best choice for businesses regarding room keys due to their ease of use, security, and cost-effectiveness. The hotel key card can be made from various materials depending on your specific needs or preferences – such as plastic, metal, or even biometric scanning technology. Additionally, they are quick and easy to program. 

    They can be used in various access control systems, meaning you have a great deal of flexibility when setting up your hotel management system. Finally, hotel keycards are inexpensive and can last many years with proper care and storage, and are provided by many RFID key card suppliers.

    How does hotel key card work?

    Hotel key cards contain an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, which sends signals to the lock and access system when inserted or presented to a door handle.

    Upon receiving the correct signal, the locking mechanism opens and allows you in.
    RFID Keycard technology has also been adapted for many other uses – from houses, apartment buildings, offices, and more.


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