7 Best Business Cards with NFC : What You Need to Know.

Are you Looking for a better way to exchange contact information? Look no further.

This list of business cards with NFC be helpful for you.

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You saw the movie Demolition Man and also wondered How The Three Seashells Actually Work :P. Well, that movie was about the future, and this post is too.

infographics Best Digital Business Cards with NFC
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A Study from GlobesNewsWire states that:

 Global NFC Business Card market size is projected to reach US$ 33 million by 2028, from US$ 17 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 9.9% during 2022-2028.

MindBlow GIF
Impressive Numbers regarding NFC Business Cards

In other words, Business Cards with NFC are so good that they are naturally along with digital business cards replacing physical business cards as we speak.

Anyways, let’s continue. There are many ways to share business contacts. A few examples are:

NFC Business cards make exchanging contact information more accessible than ever. Just tap your card to someone else’s device, and you can transfer the data automatically. In other words, with just a gesture, you can share.

  • Contact Information
  • Curriculum
  • Web site or blog address
  • Youtube content made by you
  • Your art

Also, no more missed connections or forgotten business cards. How cool can that be? Just think about it for a second.

With NFC Business cards or digital business cards, you can concentrate on what is essential: Networking.

You should think about Getting an NFC Business card! In the end, they are inexpensive and can be helpful.

And, If you’re looking for the best NFC business cards on the market, you’ve come to the right place since I curated a list for you. In this blog post, we will discuss business cards with NFC and why you should consider using them for future interactions.

What is NFC, and why should you use it for your business cards

First of all, NFC is short for Near Field Communication; this technology allows two devices to communicate when they are close together, typically within four inches or less.

You can use NFC for various purposes, but its more common use is for contactless payments and information sharing; Apple is one of the pioneers and precursors of this technology.

Best NFC Business cards representation

For many reasons, it would be best to consider using NFC for your business cards or digital business cards, but you can also use them personally.


  • First, it allows you to ditch the traditional paper business card. Adding this to your repertoire of networking tools saves you money on printing costs and helps you go green!
  • Second, NFC business cards are much more convenient than a traditional physical business card.
  • Third, They take up less space in your wallet or purse and are less likely to get lost.
  • Fourth, NFC business and digital business cards can contain more information than traditional.

7 best NFC business cards on the market

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Now that we’ve discussed what NFC is and why you should use it for your business cards, let’s take a look at five of the best NFC business cards on the market.

I will do my best to number the best NFC business cards on the market and explain why each is a great choice. So without further ado, let’s get started!


V1CE (Best for High Executive, C-Suite)

My rate

Overall Quality


This is not a card for everyone! Among NFC Cards, this might be one of the pricy ones, but even that sends a message, doesn’t it? Great Quality overall


V1CE has three different materials to choose from when producing its Business Cards: Plastic, Wood, and Metal. The most affordable material is Plastic cards which allow for great customization in terms of branding
while also having a wide range of colors at your disposal – black/white are available,

but V1ce offers other bolder options like Gold, Blue, Red, and Purple too!


  • No app or subscription is necessary
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free design platform for your NFC card


  • Ticket price (Totally worth it, for the value check them out)


Pricing V1CE Business Cards with NFC
  • Black Metal Hybrid One: $123.00
  • Silver Metal Hybrid V2 Business NFC card: $185.00
  • Black PVC One Card: $50.00
  • Black Matte PVC Business NFC card: $50.00
  • Black Bamboo ECO Card: $62.00
  • White Metal Hybrid V2 One Business Cards with NFC: $155.00
  • Bamboo ECO One Card: $50.00
  • White PVC One Card: $50.00
  • Walnut Bamboo ECO One NFC card: $50.00

The V1CE business card with NFC is not the cheapest option on the market, but it is an excellent product with high quality. The materials used are top-notch, and the NFC chip is very reliable.

Overall, it is a great product worth the slightly higher price tag. With the V1CE business card, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that will last you for a long time.


Popl is one I personally tested and is my favorite.

This thing is the future of business. It lets you interact with customers in new ways and keeps track of everything.

Some of the cards have low cost, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage! You won’t regret buying this business card with NFCThey tend to be busy, so they might need a day or two to get you your cards

Popl (Best Overall)

My rate

Popl Logo
Overall Quality


the best choice for those looking for an NFC business card that is both stylish and affordable. Cutting-edge technology, speed, and aesthetics. Best overall digital business card


They make Popl cards from high-quality PVC, Metal and even have a 24k Gold option. Isn’t that impressive? Imagine you present yourself with a gold business card! Who said tacky!

Popl is one of the Best NFC and digital business cards by far because, besides the NFC, you can integrate your profile with an app, have QR codes, and even integrate your card with CRMs like Salesforce, email providers such as outlook, and many other.


  • Cutting-edge application for NFC and Business cards management.
  • 24k Gold card; I didn’t buy it, but it is a pro, don’t you agree? a Gold physical business card
  • Integrated QR code on your Business card with NFC


  • Since these cards are in high demand, sometimes you get long waiting times
  • Requires subscription to exploit the full potential (you can use it without a subscription)


Popl Pricing
popl digital business card apps pricing

Moo Card.

The first card on our list is the Moo Card. The Moo Card is an excellent choice for those who want an NFC business card that is stylish and functional. 

Moo Card (Great First NFC Card)

My rate

Moo Card Logo
Overall Quality


MOO Card’s online design templates are rich and better than other services, but the rigid nature of their editor and higher prices make them less competitive.



  • The front and back of the card are fully customizable. 
  • Invisible built-in NFC chip


  • Seems to have changed packaging lately, having a few bad reviews online
  • Templates are more rigid than other options
  • Need to be careful with shipping prices since they can add up

Moo Card, cool name, slick card. So you can easily share your contact information with others by simply tapping your card against their phone.


Moo Card busines cards
  • Original Business Cards: $20.00
  • Cotton Business Cards: $28.00
  • Super Busness Cards: $28.00
  • Lue Business Cards: $37.00

Metal NFC business card.

Metal business cards are a way of making a lasting impression. With your MMBC people will talk about you and your card for ages. As a bonus, NFC data transmission is of extra value.

NFC Metal Buiness Card Audi

Metal business Card (Great for Companies)

My rate

MMBC Logo NFC Business Card
Overall Quality


Unmatched design. Nothing beats a well-polished finished metal card that on top of that has NFC technology.



  • Fair Pricing for the quality of the product
  • 100% quality and value for the money
  • Great assistance and customer Service


  • Since they are metal business cards, production can take a while, you need to plan ahead.
  • Cards can be bent and damaged if not treated with care
  • They have a minimum order for these NFC Card
  • Don’t have the possibility of digital business card


  • You can get as low as $2.28 each but remember they have minimum size orders.

A dedicated team helps you with every step of the process, from artwork delivery – ensuring friendly service for all customers who want their company name or logo displayed on top.

One of the Best NFC Business Cards. Fully customizable designs will let you be as creative as you possibly can.

Who is the metal business card for?

The MMBC is for people that like to stand out and be remembered; if you are a more traditional low-key businessman, this NFC Business card is not for you.

The reason why metal is better than plastic?

If you’re looking for an NFC business card that is truly unique, then you’ll want to check out the Metal Business Card. 

The Metal Business Card uses high-quality stainless steel and can, as expected, be customizable front and back. 

The built-in NFC chip allows you to share your contact information with others by tapping your card against their phone.

TapTok NFC Business Card

What is a Tap Tok?

According to Tap Tok website: Dots are small holds or surfaces that you attach to your phone for more grip or comfort, and it comes with NFC Business Card technology.

TapTok Dots can be affixed to a convenient surface, like your smartphone. Share your contact details by tapping your TapTok Dot on your prospects’ NFC-enabled devices. Easy, convenient, and intuitive.


Tap Tok Business Cards and Dots (Best For Millennials)

My rate

TapTok logo Best NFC Business Cards and dots
Overall Quality


The incredible creative design regarding the Dots sets TapTok above the rest in creativeness.

Many customizable designs to choose from, and ease to create on their platform



  • No Subscription or monthly fee
  • 100% Money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • No app install
  • NFC tags or dots


  • Can be more expensive than a regular NFC Business Card
  • Images on the DOTS can be hard to see when customized! Careful choosing your design

This Miami Based Company made an extra effort to provide an extra feature to an already impressive technology, and that is a plus


Tap Tok Dot with NFC
Essential NFC business card
Customizable Business Card with NFC
Premium NFC Business Cards
  • Tap Tok Dot: $19.99
  • Essentials Business Card with NFC: $29.99
  • Customizable Business Card with NFC: $59.99
  • Premium Metal Business Card with NFC: $79.99

Who is Tap Tok NFC or digital business card for?

The DOT variation makes Tap Tok one of the best business cards with NFC. For this reason, this NFC business card is best suited for people who love having their phones and would like to share information without touching the screen.


Linq Business card with NFC

Linq (Best for non-traditional Cards)

My rate

Overall Quality


Great NFC business cards technology, but the main highlight is the many nontraditional NFC Gadgets that it provides; great for versatile young people.


Linq offers three different material choices for their NFC cards—a scratch-resistant matte finish polyvinyl, wood (specifically bamboo), and premium stainless steel.

However, they only offer complete customization on the plastic Linq card rather than metal which is why I was disappointed that it doesn’t match up with what’s available from competitors who charge higher prices or even provide more options in general,


  • Different polished materials to choose from.
  • NFC Tags available
  • Literally, millions of images to help you customize your card
  • 8+ Colors to choose on each material
  • High-Quality materials
  • digital business cards are available


  • Metal surface Business cards with NFC cant be as customizable as the other surfaces.


Linq Pricing Business Cards with NFC

  • Linq Card with NFC Business Card: $11.99
  • Linq Bracelet V3 NFC Business Card: $19.99
  • Linq Tap NFC Business Card: $14.99
  • Linq Band For Apple NFC Business Card: $49.99
  • Linq Strech NFC Business Card: $14.99

Linq Is definitely one of the Best NFC and digital business cards on the market because of how many NFC-embedded alternatives its offers.

Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card (Best for Follow-ups)

My rate

Mubilo Smart Best Business Cards with NFC
Overall Quality


Great analytics platform for statistics and CRM integration to follow on your leads and contacts.


NFC cards can be expensive and difficult to update. However, mobilo offers a different approach with its smart business card.


The Mobilo card is a plastic card that can be ordered with either a generic or custom print.

The card has both an NFC tag and a QR code, which redirects to a Digital Business Card.

The Digital or virtual business card is dynamically generated and integrated with the Mobilo database, allowing you to update your contact information as often as you like.

The Mobilo smart business card is an affordable and convenient way to exchange contact information.


  • Outstanding customer support
  • The ability to analyze in-depth data, sync CRMs and lead capturing features makes mobilo stand out on this list of the Best Business Cards with NFC
  • Digital business card available


  • The Enterprise version that gives access to data analytics, CRM sync, and lead management requires a yearly license.


  • Personal Branded Plastic NFC Business Card: $7.00
  • Custom Designed Personal Business Cards with NFC: $29.00
  • Teams NFC Business Cards + Yearly License: $20.00 + 29.00 a Year

Why each one of these cards is an excellent choice for your business

So there you have it! These are the best NFC business cards on the market. We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about NFC and why you should consider using it for your business cards. Thanks for reading!

The Moo Card is the Best NFC or digital Business card for those who want a stylish and functional NFC OR digital business card.

The Metal is the Best NFC or digital Business Cards choice for those who are looking for an NFC business card that is truly unique. The Metal Business Card is made from high-quality stainless steel,

The Tap Tok is the Best NFC Business card for those constantly using their phones, and what an integrated design.

The V1CE digital business cards with NFC is the one to conquer them all when it is about sending a message. is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a durable and unique card


Final thoughts on NFC best business cards

Digital business cards are a great way to make an excellent first impression.

Business cards with NFC are convenient, professional, and can be easily shared.

Also, there are many different NFC business cards on the market, so knowing which one to choose can be challenging.

This article has reviewed the seven best NFC business cards to help you make an informed decision. If you’re still undecided, we recommend reading our additional articles on digital business cards and QR business cards.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect business card for your needs. Thank you for reading!

Do you have a favorite NFC Business Card that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to choose the right NFC business card for your needs?

When choosing an NFC business card, you’ll want to consider your needs and budget. 
If you’re looking for a stylish and functional NFC business card, then the Moo Card is a great choice. 
If you’re looking for an NFC business card that is truly unique, then the Metal Business Card is a great choice. 
If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and stylish NFC business card, then the Wood Business Card is a great choice. 
And if you’re looking for a durable and inexpensive NFC business card, then the PVC Business Card is a great choice.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Digital Business Card?

hihello Hi Hello contact details card brand

NFC business cards are more convenient than traditional business cards
NFC business cards can contain more information than traditional business cards
NFC business cards are less likely to get lost
NFC Business Cards help you go green

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