7 Best Metal Digital Business Cards your network will love

My Experience with Metal Digital Business Cards

I once was at a PMI project management event, and I had always been interested in digital business cards since I first saw them.

I’ve always loved new technology as a PM and amateur programmer, so when I saw a guy using a metal digital business card, I asked about them. NFC was not new to me, but this application was.

I’m glad the gentlemen were more than happy to explain how they worked and how handy they were. I will be talking about that in another article.

I got fascinated by the idea of being able to exchange information about my digital presence with just a few taps on my iPhone and did a ton of research about it. I have also reviewed digital business cards in general in another post and NFC only in another

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Do Metal Digital business cards work? (Benefits)

Ultimately, I was impressed by how easy it was to keep track of all contacts and interactions. Eventually, I decided to buy a pack of digital business cards for testing. And I have been using them ever since!

Metal Digital Business Cards are made of high-quality materials. They look very classy, leaving a lasting impression on the person you give them to.

Not only do they look great, but they are also very durable. You can be sure that your Metal Digital Business Card will last much longer than a regular paper or even a plastic business card.

Plus, they are a bit more classy if you ask me. Best networking card made so far.

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And, of course, they are NFC-enabled or QR if you want, so adding contact information is easy and convenient.

Check my review of the best cards and order your Metal Digital Business Card with or without a QR code today, or not haha!

But at least leave having an idea of the best ones I have encountered and tested so far along with the best metal business cards manufacturer.

Top 7 Metal Digital Business Cards with and without QR.

Here I will give you the pros and cons of the ones I have researched and tested.

This article I spent around:

  • 40+ Hours of research online. (Blogs, Websites, Videos, and some emails back and forth with Digital Business Cards Sellers.
  • $400+ buying cards to test.
  • 8 -10 hours to put together this article. 

Here is my top selection

  1. Popl Digital Business Card
  2. TapTag Metal Digital Business Card
  3. My Metal Digital Business Card
  4. Pure Metal Cards Digital Business Card
  5. TapiTag Metal Digital Business Card
  6. GotPrint Metal Digital Business Card
  7. V1CE Metal Digital Business Card



Best Hybrid Business card

Popl business card



Most Classy Digital e-Card




Best for QR Business Cards

Popl Metal Digital Business Card

popl digital business card apps pricing

This metal digital business card is made of premium metal and has a glossy finish. The corners are rounded, and the edges are beveled. There is a standard logo on the front and your name, title, company name, and contact information on the back.”

Popl digital and NFC business card profile image showing features that I tested such as intagram an linked in


  • Their technology is bulletproof, and they make it so easy. A seamless experience, even if you don’t know what you’re doing!
  • Many options for NFC products besides metal digital business cards.
  • They have gold digital business cards! How cool is this?
  • Work on any operating systems (Android or iOS)
  • One of the best black metal business cards manufacturer


  • Once in a while, the order can get delayed, especially big ones. This has never happened to me, but some reviews talk about this. 


Popl has a great UI/UX and is on top of its app to add new features. The metal card is not an exemption. This card will make you look classy and techy at the same time. 

If you value technology more than anything, this is your card. Also, I have compared Popl to other cards in the past in case you wonder

V1CE Metal Digital Business Card

Pricing V1CE Business Cards with NFC

This card is made of aluminum and has a brushed finish. The corners are square, and the edges are slightly rounded. There is a standard logo on the front and your name, title, company name, and contact information on the back.”


  • Customer service is on point. I made a typo on my order and was able to get online and correct it before the order was completed. Thanks, V1CE.
  • Excellent performance, fast software.
  • Clean and premium finish. 


  • UI is constantly improving. They are catching up towards most features you might need. Something you might need, such as new social media (Tik Tok) linking, might not be there but are in development already. 


One of my favorites based on the design and finishing; they also have great ads 🙂

Tap Tag Metal Digital Business Card

This card is made of thick, high-quality steel polished to a high shine. The corners are rounded, and the edges are beveled, giving the card a sleek look and feel. There is a standard logo on the front and your name, title, and NFC chip on the back.


  • Great feeling to touch and the chip is fused to the card’s backside. It feels solid, and it’s made of quality metal. 
  • Fast customer support, I had to contact them for a question, which was a great experience.
  • They can provide Blank Metal Business Cards if needed.
  • Good metal visiting card overall


  • You need to be careful to order preconfigured cards. Since they are a flexible brand, they have an option for unprogrammed cards. However, you must know a little about technology to program it. Still this is a great network card.


They stand by the slogan “The Last Business Card You’ll Ever Need!” and, oh Gosh! They deliver! Quality card, fair price. This card will last you for ages if you dont lose it.

My Metal Digital Business Card

This card is made of aluminum and has a brushed finish. The corners are square, and the edges are slightly rounded. There is a standard logo on the front and your name, title, company name, and contact information on the back.


  • So many custom and awesome designs give almost free will to your imagination.
  • They build other products besides digital business cards. 


  • Communication can improve. Items are of good quality and delivered on time. Still, after you place your order, you might not be informed of anything until delivery.


My Metal Business Card is not a bad business card brand. It’s just that it doesn’t stand out among the others when compared Side by Side with its competitors in terms of performance.

My Metal isn’t your best bet if you’re looking for a top-tier one! However, they have some great features, such as offering free shipping on all orders.

Most companies don’t offer free shipping anymore these days due to increasing costs from the postal service.

They also provide easy returns should anything go wrong during a purchase.

Pure Metal Digital Business Card

This card is made of aluminum and has a glossy finish. The corners are square, and the edges are slightly rounded. There is a standard logo on the front and your name, title, company name, and contact information on the back.”

This card is made of stainless steel and has a polished finish. The corners are rounded, and the edges are beveled. There is a standard logo on the front and your name, title, company name, and contact information on the back.


  •  Fast turnaround time most cards are delivered in around seven days unless it is a really complex design.
  • Can provide blank metal cards if needed.


Not the most mainstream nor biggest company in metal.business cards. They are a regular option with really cool designs.


Great cheap metal digital business cards. However, they might not be the best quality out of this bunch and do not come with QR if needed.

TapiTag Metal Digital Business Cards

TapiTags Metal Digital Business Cards are the perfect way to make a lasting impression. Made of durable Metal, these cards are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. 

The sleek and stylish design is excellent for any business professional, and the built-in QR code makes it easy to share information with clients and colleagues. 

Best of all, digital tap business card can be reused indefinitely since they are made of excellent materials.


  • App-less card! It is meant to be simple and does what it should! Great middle-field metal digital business card 
  • One of the cheapest metal business cards.


  • Not as flexible as other cards regarding profile customization 
  • Not the most technologically advanced User Interface


If you are looking for a metal digital business card with a great design and affordable price, try TapiTag. It has similar technology (not the same) as the best cards, and it has Good Quality overall.

QX Metal Digital Business Card

With a focus on thin metal production, this factory has been providing quality products to companies worldwide for a while. 

Since they are specialized in Metal, they have a wide range of choices, including corrosion resistance steel (and others), silk screen printing, electroplating, etc. 

Some of the materials they can use to do your cards are

  • Stainless Steel Metal Cards
  • Gold Metal Business Cards
  • Black Metal Business Cards
  • Copper Metal Business Cards
  • Gun Metal Business Card
  • Metal NFC Business Cards


  • Metal cards tend to be bulky. QX Metal Digital Business Cards are not because they have the edgiest technology to make their cards.
  • You can Pay through PayPal.
  • Blanks metal business cards are provided if needed.


  • Slow order process: You need to get a quotation before they start your card production.
  • Minimum order required. 


It might be one of the highest-quality metal materials. However, their NFC application is not the best and can be a bit on the pricy side. 

Wrapping Up.

Making a good first impression is important in today’s business world. One great way to make sure you’re making a good impression is using metal digital business cards. 

These cards are eye-catching and leave A lasting impression. Be sure to use one of these 5 best metal digital business cards to ensure that you’re making the best possible impression!


Can metal cards have NFC?

Metallic cards are the new trend; if you want to stand out from your competitors, this is what you need. NFC chips can be embedded in all sorts of Metal with a simple process

Can you bend an NFC card or tag?

It depends on the material. If you have a plastic NFC business card, it can take some bending. However, Metal Digital Business Cards are better if you don’t bend them since they can lose their form, and the paint might get damaged. 

How to make Metal Digital Business cards?

Making a Metal Digital Business Card from scratch is not easy; you need equipment and expensive materials. Your best option for making a metal business card is to buy one from one of the best vendors out there, such as POPL, V1CE, TapTag, and TapiTag, and create a custom and beautiful design. 

What are the cheapest metal business cards? 

Metal business cards, especially Metal digital business cards, are generally not cheap. However, vendors like Popl, V1CE, and Tapi Tags have pretty affordable options you can check out. If you ask me after extensive testing I would avoid cheap metal kards

Can Metal digital business cards come with QR codes? 

Yes, you can add QR codes to most digital business cards and metal digital business cards. Check that option before buying since some QR code technology might be better than others. 

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