Dot card vs Popl complete review from experience. (April 2024)

Updated: April 1, 2024

Written by Marcos Isaias

I’ll make it easy for you. If you want to know which is the best digital business card as of April 2024, dot card vs. popl, in my opinion after testing both it is Popl! The article is done hehe! but in case you wonder here is why...

Top Pick

Popl Digital Business Card

Best Hybrid Business card

  • Best of both. Great Variety of Cards, Tags, Pods. Highly Recommended.



out of 5

Best Runner-up

 Dot Card

Best for Starters, these are affordable but not so durable cards

  • dots.card excels at simplicity. Great to test the technology, of basic NFC cards.



out of 5

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Here is a quick view of how they compare to save you some time. Also we will review in depth each card and their App, Basic Analytcs, Card Customization, Price, CRM Integrations and if they have a QR code and its quality based on my own purchase of this cards

If you have 10 minutes, I will tell you why.

Popl dot card comparison

Over the months, I have bought and reviewed many virtual business cards and tested different business card alternatives including paper business cards. I also have checked many dot card review reddit and popl ones in different forums.

And regatding a day to day perspective we also can compare.

1. Ease of Use:

Popl: A seamless tap-and-go mechanism catapults Popl digital business cards to the forefront. It's as easy as tapping your phone on someone else's, making information sharing almost magical.
Dot: While Dot promises simplicity, it sometimes feels one step behind Popl in the tap-and-share arena.

2. Design & Customization:

Popl: Beyond its core function, Popl offers an extensive palette of designs and themes, allowing users to truly let their personality shine through their card.
Dot: Limited in its aesthetic scope, Dot offers fewer customization options, making it a less versatile choice for the style-conscious.

3. Affordability:

Popl: With competitive pricing and bundle offers, Popl ensures you get maximum bang for your buck.

Dot: While Dot isn't exorbitantly priced, it doesn't present the same value-for-money proposition as Popl.

Dot card pricing

4. Integration & Compatibility:

Popl: A chameleon in the world of smartphones, Popl is universally compatible. Whether you're Team iPhone or Android Advocate, Popl plays nice.
Dot: Though Dot strives for compatibility, it occasionally encounters hiccups with certain phone models.

5. Eco-Friendly Approach:

Popl: By reducing the need for paper cards, Popl indirectly contributes to fewer trees being felled. It’s a tech solution with a green heart!
Dot: Dot also supports the environment, but Popl's broader reach means it potentially has a greater environmental impact.

Moreover, I will explain that even though Popl is the most powerful digital business card at the moment, you might want to use an alternative such as Dot Card.

Popl might be the most used and powerful virtual card, with up to 720,000 units sold and around $2.8 million in sales for its digital business card technology this year. 

Popl CEO Jason Alvarez-Cohen was a visionary when years ago, he saw people exchanging information with the tap of a card, dot, or device on his mind.

Popl is a lightweight, NFC-powered business card for entrepreneurs and investors. It has all the information you need, including contact details like social media profiles or payment methods, to grow your customer base quickly without any hassle!

With just one tap on Popl’s tag, you share your apps with others while getting new potential clients at once, too – making these tags more than just beautiful status symbols. 

Still, practical marketing tools will also help care for personal branding needs and economic empowerment efforts.

What are Popl main Characteristics?


It is essential to highlight that even though popl provides a free app for enriched virtual profiles, you don’t need to use it to share your card.

The patented feature of this app, called Popl Calls Direct, will not send over Popl website, where recipients have to choose how they want to connect. 

Instead, it opens the destination App directly, such as if you have LinkedIn Direct on -they’ll be taken straight away from your profile within seconds! You can also use the “Contact Card” option, which pops up contact info immediately so users can save it on their phone or cancel without saving anything.

A digital business card is a great way to generate more leads for your business. 

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

By sharing your contact information electronically, you can make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you. A digital business card includes links to your website andsocial media links, making it easy for customers to learn more about your products and services.

 To maximize the lead-generating potential of your digital business card, remember to encourage customers to take the next step in their relationship with your business. With creativity, a digital business card can be a powerful tool for generating new leads and managing your contact site statistics.

Powerful integration capabilities

Another excellent capability of the Popl digital business card is the extensive integration with CRMS, Collaboration tools, chats, and emails to facilitate your audience engagement

Making it the most versatile digital card out there. 

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

One of the latest Popl developments allows you to Sync your virtual card to MS Teams (The most used business chat on the market). Syncing this with your card makes it easy for you and RH departments to share team information with a tap making everything fast and effective. 

Many options of cards or NFC-enabled accessories

The main product is NFC digital business cards. However, if you join Popl you will be able to have the following:

Popl Inside look

Dot Card Characteristics

Dot Card has two essential products: the dot card and the dot. I got the dot.card black and really liked the design.

A dot is a small button or tag that you can put on the back of your phone; it sticks to the back of your phone and holds the links to all your information.

A dot card is the size of a credit card; it has a matter simple finish without much customization. 

A dot is a sleek tag placed on the back of your phone or any surface. It has adhesive on the back to keep it in place. 

A dot card resembles a premium credit card. The matte card has a soft touch finish. 

With the added functionality of the QR code, the dot crds are compatible with any smartphone.

Dots Card design it’s pretty clean; I love the sleek design you can put on the back of your phone. I bet it’s low down the cost of production of the cord, so it’s one of the most affordable. 

 The Plastics are mailable. You can be bent this card without breaking it also comes with a q r code. I would advise you if you want one to get sample dot card, dont order a bulk right away.

A dot card is helpful if someone has a device that’s not enough to read the card, you can scan the QR code, and you will have the same formation.

The dot card material is slick and looks nice even though it feels cheap. The somethime have some dot promo code for you to get the card cheaper but not at the moment. If they get any I will be sure to let you know. 

The interface of dot card vs. Popl

The power-up of this card is the application. Its UI and customizations make them easy to personalize and present a clean profile with a professional look, tracking analytics, and a lot of profile versatility. 

 However, the pain point in my eyes of this application is that it shows the complete URL. For example, my linked profile would show as 

Dot card vs. Popl my take is one is a Portable Resume; the other is a virtual profile.

The dot card helps you create a digital profile where you can showcase your education, skills, social media, etc. dot card profile login is not necessary in most cases

I think it is best for people looking for a job or networking. The aim and build of the interface look more suited to those needs.

Dot card vs Popl Conclusion

When choosing a digital business card, there are two main options: Popl and Dot card. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but overall, Popl is the better option. 

Dot Card price is more affordable Popl cards are more expensive, but they offer better quality in design and print. Dot card cards are cheaper and a great first card for networking but can be less durable, and the print quality is not as good and customizable. 

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which option is best for them. 

Both, Popl and Dot cards offer good options for those looking for a digital business card.

I also will compare Popl vs Linq in case you are wondering

Where to buy dot card?

You can go directly to their website

Who are these cards for?

For everybody, it does not matter if you are a student, a real estate agent who provides home equity loans, an engineer, or a free lancer that wants to network better, you name it, all can benefit from these cards.


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