What is AR Business Cards? How to easily make them with 5 powerful apps

Updated: October 10, 2022

By: Marcos Isaias

Do you like to leave a lasting impression on potential clients? use AR business Cards

Imagine giving someone your business card and seeing their eyes light up as they watch a video about your company or see a 3D model of your product come to life right in front of them.

It’s the perfect way to make a lasting impression and get them excited about doing business with you.

With an AR business card, you can give people an interactive and engaging experience with your brand. Plus, augmented reality business cards are the way to go if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition!

These cards are still relatively new, so few people have them yet. Most people might still be using paper or digital business cards, NFC business cards, or QR virtual cards.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to create augmented reality business cards and what benefits they offer. We’ll also provide tips on making your card stand out from the rest.

Why AR Business Cards?

Well, statistics, according to Poplar.Studio (one of the biggest and best Augmented Reality developers)

Augmented reality adoption statistics, shows the potential of AR
Source: Statista
  • AR ads tend to convert up to 20-80% more than regular ads
  • 70% in brand awareness increases (Almost doubled)
  • Attention Spawn of users is on 75s on average (Up to 4 times more than video content)

AR interaction example from Poplar.Studio

Augmented reality and how it works

Augmented reality (AR) technology mixes digital content with the real world. Also, It allows you to interact with virtual objects in the real world and combine both realities.

For example, you can use AR to view a product in your home before you buy it or see how a piece of furniture would look in your living room. 

One excellent example is Nike is already using it to help you try new shoes with your phone in the comfort of your home.

AR differs from virtual reality (VR), which creates an entirely immersive experience in which you are cut off from the real world. AR mixes both realities.

AR business cards use this technology to give people an interactive and engaging experience with your brand. You can use AR to show a video about your company or display a three-dimensional model of your product.

Creating an AR business card is easy, and there are several ways to do it. Later, I will give you the exact apps or sites you can use to do them, or you can scroll down directly to them. Your Call.

How is Augmented reality used in business?

Augmented reality puts digital things into the real world.

That means you can see things on your phone that aren’t there. 

We, humans, are visual creatures and like colors, animations, and cool things that generally grab our attention. businesses are starting to understand and exploit this technology

AR and specifically AR digital business cards have significant market potential- and we’re only at our initial stages of unlocking its true capabilities! Here some examples of how businesses are using AR business cards and technologies.


Some companies have started showing retail products in an AR way by using AR business cards or brochures. A simple QR on a digital or physical business card prompts your cellphone or special glasses to show you the product.


NASA used the AT technology actually to develop one of their spacecraft; how cool is that. The Hololens (AR Device) replaced manuals of thousands of pages with visual guides that showed employees what and where to the ensemble.

Guy with augmented reality glasses

The potential of this technology is immense:

  • Training
  • Defects reduction
  • Speed
  • Confort


The Biggest Winners of this Augmented reality in business are designers. Long will be gone when you must design on a flat surface or a CAT and render and do a prototype.

With AR in business, you get from design to prototype immediately, saving costs and time.

Possibilities are endless.

Video by Viewar explaining AR

The benefits of using AR business cards and AR technology.

There are several benefits to using AR business cards or AR technology in general, including:

  • They’re interactive and engaging: AR business cards are a great way to get people interested in your company or product.- They’re unique and memorable.
  • Diferianntation from the competition: With so many businesses competing for attention, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Augmented reality business cards are a great way to make it easier.
  • You can use them to show a video about your company or product: A video is a way to show clients what your company is all about and what you have to offer.
  • You can use them to display a three-dimensional model of your product: A three-dimensional model can give clients a better understanding of your product and how it works more fun, easy, and graphic.


Examples of businesses that are using AR business cards

Check out these businesses that are using AR Digital business cards:


Ikea Augmented Reality

With the Ikea Studio app, you can now design your room with everything from furniture to electronic devices or bathroom cabinets. Phones and tablets have sensors and controls to help estimate the size of your house and how the thing would look once in there.


The new Sephora Virtual Artist feature allows you to test lip products and purchase them directly within the app.

Sephora has been innovating with augmented reality technology to bring their beauty line into mainstream society more thoroughly than before by making it easier accessible through different inexpensive mediums -to do so even further without having any physical store presence.

The launch only came not long ago, but it has already had great success.


Adidas is one brand that allows users to engage with augmented reality (AR) experience without requiring an app.

adidas VR tech

Adidas designed a QR code on AR business Cards when scanned with a smartphone, bringing an AR image to life.

The image shows a basketball player jumping and dunking the ball, with Adidas products floating around him. They designed the experience to showcase Adidas’ newest basketball line, providing users with a fun and interactive way to learn about the products.

In addition, the QR code can be shared with friends, allowing them to experience the AR Adidas basketball player. This innovative use of technology will surely bring Adidas even more attention in the ever-growing world of AR.


Kohl’s turned to AR for help during the pandemic, and their “AR Closet” is another example of how you can AR business cards or technology. 

Users can download Snapchats that they take in-store or via a mobile app onto virtual. With this, you try On clothes from various brands like Nike ID, etc., purchasing directly through Snapchat!

AMAZON – Room Decorator

Room Decorator is a new augmented reality app from Amazon that allows users to see how furniture and other items would look in their homes before they buy them. 

The app uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to create a 3D model of your room, which you can then use to place virtual furniture and other objects in the space.

Room Decorator includes a wide range of furniture and décor items from popular brands, and you can also use the app to shop for products directly from Amazon. Room Decorator is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Here is a video of Ricardo Menezes Showing the Gucci VR application

Gucci is one of the first fashion brands to embrace augmented reality technology.

The luxury label launched an AR app in 2017 that allows users to try on virtual versions of its products.

The app includes a wide range of Gucci products, from bags and shoes to jewelry and sunglasses.

Users can view the products in real-time and even share screenshots with friends.

Gucci has also been experimenting with AR-enabled store windows. In 2018, the brand launched an interactive window display at its flagship store in London. Shoppers could use their phones to view virtual versions of Gucci products, including a bag floating in mid-air.

Thanks to its innovative use of AR, Gucci is quickly becoming one of the most technologically advanced fashion brands.

The cost and how to get started with AR business cards

There are several ways to create AR business cards, and the cost will vary depending on your chosen method.

If you want to DIY, use a free online platform like Blippar or Layar. All you need is a smartphone, and the AR business card you create will be viewable through the app.

You can hire a company to create AR business cards if you want a more professional look.

The cost varies depending on the company you choose and the complexity of the card you want.

So, if you’re looking to make your business stand out, consider using AR business cards! They’re interactive, engaging, and easy to create. Plus,

Offer tips for creating effective AR Digital Business Cards

When creating an AR experience for your business card, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Keep it simple: Too much information or animation can be overwhelming and distracting. Try to stick to one, two messages.
  • Make it enjoyable: Use eye-catching graphics or videos to engage people and get them interested in your company or product.
  • Make it relevant: Make sure the content of your AR experience is pertinent to your business and what you’re offering potential clients.

5 Companies that Can Help you Create Your AR Business Cards or Projects.

Where can I make or get an AR Business Card?


AirCards AR Business Cards Landing Page

The Aircards team has created a service that unlocks the potential for app-less Augmented Reality marketing campaigns.

Brands and organizations can now upgrade their print assets with augmented reality without worrying about creating an app or finding developers.

The company is in London, UK & America’s Boston area, where they work closely together on developing this cutting-edge product that will revolutionize how we do business forever with these AR Business Cards!

Key Features

  • They count on expert designers that help you with custom assets.
  • Cloud Hosting that allows you to save and access your project from anywhere in the world
  • With advanced analytics, you can see your campaigns’ conversion and ROI.


  • By Quotations


Poplar.studio has quickly become a leading provider of augmented reality services for businesses and marketing professionals. Their easy-to-use platform and wide range of features make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to create immersive, engaging experiences for their customers.

Poplar Studio Landing page for Augmented reality

Poplar. Studio’s augmented reality services are also highly accessible, with affordable plans for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to its commitment to quality and CX.

Poplar. Studio is quickly becoming the go-to choice for companies that want to take advantage of the latest AR technology.

Key Features

  • Provides excellent mood boards and template projects to help creativity
  • Analytics tools to track the success of campaigns
  • Multiplatform experience deployment: Instagram, Facebook, Apple or Android devices, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc.


  • You can join for free and access resources, and do projects. However, I suggest treating each case individually to use the assets commercially.


This platform allows you to seamlessly integrate digital content with the natural world by bringing it into stores, classrooms, or waiting rooms through Augmented.

Addidas Augmented reality shoes example
AR Adidas shoes

Reality (AR). You can create campaigns on Layar’s web-based Creator tool, which will trigger users’ smartphones when they enter one of these triggering environments, such as at home appliances where brands have already installed their respective intelligent sensors.

Key Features

  • A well-designed platform that helps you visualize and analyze your marketing results
  • Self-Service Platform (No need for an assessor if you don’t feel like it
  • Flexible pricing based on your needs
  • Free 30 Day-Trial


  • Basic: $15.90
  • Pro: $79


The UK’s first unicorn, Blippar, specializes in augmented reality content creation and publishing.

Blippar Augmented Reality app Landing page

Blippar offices are in London, where they create bespoke AR campaigns for partners like GSK (the pharmaceutical company), Porsche, and Land Rover, which had its logo projected onto the roadways of Dubai for a campaign.

Blippar has an impressive portfolio!

Blippar produces high-quality 3d models using nothing but an iPhone app called “Blipper,” available on the AppStore worldwide.

Key Features

  • Low code, no-code development of your models
  • drag and drop features with premade models
  • Accessible to most social network applications
  • Great for commercial or educational purposes


  • Free Trial: $0
  • By Quotation


ARvid is an augmented reality app that allows you to summon prehistoric mammals and birds into your living room.

ARvid AR landing page

ARvid can be helpful in teaching, general entertainment, or animal-related presentations. For example, you can use ARvid as a veterinarian to show potential clients the different animals you treat (Cats, Dogs, exotic animals)

Or, if you’re having a party, you can use ARvid to liven things up by summoning a prehistoric creature into the room. ARvid is also great for general entertainment.

You can impress friends or have fun exploring the world of prehistoric creatures. ARvid is a great way to bring the past to life, whether you’re using it for educational or entertainment purposes.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of animal Packs (Dinosaurs, mammals, birds, aquatic, etc.)
  • Possibility to import your models with the cloud feature
  • 4k textures on all models
  • You can add landscapes and portraits to your projects.
  • Sharable in all the major social media platforms


  • Free Trial: $0
  • Monthly subscription: $4.99

Wrapping Up

I hope you better understand what AR Business Cards are, their benefits, and how to make them. I have enjoyed writing this and other articles on Digital Business CardsNFC business cards, and others. Feel free to look around and enjoy more content. I’m humbled you were here!


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