Popl Business Card Review (May 2023)—The Most Powerful of Digital Business Cards?

Updated: May 2, 2023

By: Marcos Isaias

Physical business cards were so last century. Imagine how cool it was to use them in the 1800s. This Popl Business Card review intends to help you understand why it is the present and future card.

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With the popularity of smartphones, there’s no need to carry around a bulky stack of cards that you’re likely to lose anyway. In this Popl Card Review, I will tell you why you should Enter Popl, the digital business card that aims to replace your physical cards once and for all. 

This review I refreshed on May 2023 and Popl has made many changes. I will look at Popl features, benefits, and shortcomings to help you decide if it’s right for you. If you are interested in a full review of the best digital business cardsNFC Business cardsMetal business cardsAR business cards, or how to make them yourself read one of my other guides.

But What Is Popl Business Card? 

In a world where meeting new people is difficult, Jason and Nick (CEOs at Popl) found an easier way to connect with the help of their Popl. 

They came up with Popl as both men wanted something that would make business cards obsolete because they were too complicated for everyday life-a and challenging to track; they knew a more straightforward solution was needed! 

And thus, Popl was born. A Popl digital business card is an electronic version of a traditional paper business card. They also have another kind of presentation to facilitate Information sharing. I will give an intro to most of them. 

They can be stored on a smartphone or other mobile device and shared with others via email, text, or social media. 

Digital business cards are becoming popular as they offer several advantages over traditional paper cards. 

What benefits do Popl Digital business cards have?

Popl virtual business cards bring many benefits above traditional business cards, For example. 

  • Environmentally friendly, you do not need to print them on paper.  
  • Take up less space By being able to carry an infinite amount of cards in one and are more convenient to carry around. 
  • You can easily update your latest contact information, so you never have to worry about handing out outdated cards. Overall, digital business cards offer a more efficient and sustainable way to exchange contact information.
  • State-of-the-art technology. Popl and other companies keep innovating and adding extra features at no cost to their users.

 What are Popl products?

Popl bands products image showing the popl card, the popl dot and the popl band
  • Popl tags and Flats: This was the first product they designed. Popl tags and flats are small round sticker-like tags that carry an NFC chip that allows connecting your profile with other devices. Flats are great for Cellphone users. In other words, most of us, Daaa! I bought one, as you saw, and will also review it.
  • Popl Badges:  Badges are great for events and staff. Imagine a regular ID tag on steroids. The possibility of sharing on a networking event from your ID cards through NFC or QR code increases the number of leads you can get at a given event. 
  • Popl Cards: Digital Business Cards are more straightforward and the main topic of this article. Sleek, intelligent, and beautiful business cards with Popl software to capture, share and connect with new leads. 
  • Popl Keychains: These Keychains are great for retail stores and are a fun and different way of giving away your personal or companies information
  • Popl Wristbands: Great quality silicon bracelets are fantastic for events like music festivals, conferences, or integration activities. It has the same software as the cards or badges but are more convenient if you dont have your wallet or phone around. 
  • Popl Phone Cases: Latest innovation. If you have a cellphone, you want to protect it! Popl took this to a new level and added popl technology for most phone carrier brands such as iPhone and Samsung. I like this one a bit more than the Popl Flat because it positions the NFC chip exactly where it should be every time (With the flat, you need to do this yourself) 
  • Popl Stands: Some people love to have standing support for their phones. For this reason, Popl created this MagSafe phone stand to allow you to use it on your iPhones and still have the benefits of Popl Contact Sharing technology. 
  • Popl Apple Watch bands: Latest Popl development; I’m already getting mine to review it! In case you get it first, let me know your thoughts :). My personal opinion this is a game changer if you already own an apple watch
Popl art for the bands

The Popl card I got to Review

popl card 1
popl card 2 showing the QR code on the back

I got the black version of the card. You can see the front and back of the card along with ducky, my code auditor, hehe! Has a reference for the size.

The pool business card I got is a black card is a sleek, modern design that can hold all of your important information. 

The front of the card is made of durable black plastic material, with the Popl logo in the center (I wished I could have customized my logo).

The back of the Popl Business Card has the same material, with a QR code in the center. Businesses can scan this code to quickly and easily access your contact information, social media profiles, and website if they dont have an NFC-able device.

In my opinion, the black business card is the perfect way to make a professional impression, stand out from the competition, and create a great first impression.

 I love the color, but be aware that it is a magnet for fingerprints. You might need to clean it regularly. I bet the white one camouflages this better. 

How does a Popl work?

Popl was born as a small, round sticker with different fun designs that stick to the back of your phone. 

 This small sicker (that has evolved to many other products) lets you instantly share contact information, professional websites, social networks, and any other digital asset you can imagine through NFC technology. You just need a link and an NFC-able device.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other by touching together. 

NFC allows for many applications, such as making payments with a smartphone, sharing files, and exchanging contact information.

NFC digital business cards work similarly. This technology eliminates the need to manually type in your contact information or, even worse, hand out a paper business card.

 NFC is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and ease of use.

Popl became a viral sensation on TikTok with 2.1 million followers, 200+ million video views, and users in over 135 countries in the last few years. 

Popl Review of Features 

Popl Business Card app is an app that allows users to create digital business cards that can be stored on their phones and exchanged with other users via NFC (near-field communication). 

As we discussed, NFC is the same technology used in contactless payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

 Popl cards can contain all the same information as a traditional business card, plus a few extras like links to your social media profiles and website. You can also include a photo or video on your Popl card, which is a great way to make a lasting first impression. 

Another cool feature of Popl is that it keeps track of all the people you’ve exchanged cards with, so you never have to worry about losing a card again. 

Plus, if you ever need to update your contact information, you can do it right from the app with just a few taps. No more waiting for new batches of business cards to be printed! 

Popl Benefits 

There are several benefits of using Popl over traditional business cards. 

  •  They are environmentally friendly and convenient, like most Digital Business cards. 

One potential downside of Popl

  • Not everyone has NFC-enabled devices yet. So if you exchange Popl Business Cards with someone who doesn’t have an NFC-enabled phone, they won’t be able to tap your phone but can use the QR code if you selected it. 

Complete Popl Review, App, features, and tech.

Iphone screen showing how instaled Popl app

Let’s go into the steak of the dinner and start this popl review. 

You do not need to download the app if you dont want to, but it is definitely recommended and powerful. The Popl digital business card App Logo looks like this.

Once you get into the main screen is where the magic happens, and the world of possibility happens. Let’s go screen through the screens to see what they have. 

First Screen: Popl Profile

personal profile screen showing a profile picture and the main networks I have (Linked In and Instagram)
Secon screen of my profile
Screen 3 of my profile that shows how to edit your contacsts on Popl

The Profile screen is your center of operation profile-wise. Here you can start creating your personal or business profile.

Please be aware that we can only create personal profiles on the free version.

 In order to have the business profile and to see the business side, you need to subscribe to the PRO version. 

Pro Version is only 7.99, but dont worry. I got you covered. I already subscribed for my business and will be reviewing it entirely in another article just so you dont have to, unless you want to :D. 

In this article, I will show both profiles of Popl Business Card but pretty generally. 

Now, if you have the free version, you’ll only have access to the Personal side, but the Pro version grants you access to premium features and the Business side. Everything that requires a Pro subscription is clearly marked on the app.

Profile View

If you touch Edit Profile, you will be taken to the screen where you add your Name, Location, and Description. Also, you can add your background photo, personal photo, and logo.

Now, what makes popl differentiate itself from many other digital business cards is the amount of different links you can add; Popl has custom links and icons for:

  1. Social Media
  2. Contact Info
  3. For Business
  4. Payments
  5. Events
  6. Music
  7. Video
  8. Content (for example, a blog post or portfolio)
  9. Others (Linktree, Discord, Telegram)

All profiles and even links can be color customized. I love blue, so I went for it :).

Recommended apps
Link store content app 2 for popl
more icons to display on your popl card social network

Second Screen: Sharing 

Popl QR Scan code 1
QR code #2

As we already know, the best way to share your popl card is a tap! However, it is nice to see that Popl thinks about everything. 

If you dont have your card, keychain, tag, or sticker, you can get into your app and share your profile through any of the alternative features that popl created.

  • Email: You can send your custom URL Trough any email provider with just a touch of your fingers.
  • Text: URL can also be sent through text (Remember there might be a charge depending on your carrier and plan).
  • Widget: You can make the QR code more accessible by installing it on your phone main screen through a nice widget Popl created. 
  • Wallet: Popl allows you to link your cards to your profile in case you want to use your Digital Business card as a payment device.
  • Custom Link: Main sharing link that you can personalize and share through any means imaginable. 

Third Screen: Connections

connections screen of Popl

In this screen, you can see all the contacts you have recently added in a quick view. 

By default, you get Popl CEO and some other executives! Excellent connections to have if you ask me, hehe! 

On the top of the screen, you will have the following:

Messaging Icon: Here, you can send your profile directly through all the channels your phone allows

Scanner: This allows you to scan any physical business cards into electronic business cards. 

Map: This feature might not have much functionality unless you have hundreds or thousands of contacts. It shows you a pin on the map of where you got specific contacts. It is pretty cool though

Integrations: This is a pretty helpful feature for companies or individuals migrating contacts from or to Popl. The feature allows integration into some of the most used CRMs or contacts management systems (Salesforce, Hubspot, Zappier, and the always-safe CVS).

Fourth Screen: Insights

Insight screens of popl

Pops, Link Taps, New Connections, Tap Through Rate

In short, insights is an analytics dashboard that helps you track whether the connections on your Popl Business Card are effective or not. How cool is it to be able to know if someone has seen your webpage, content, or information you shared?

No way you would be able to tell with a paper business card.

Fifth Screen: Settings

Popl Screen of the setting from insede my profile
  • Auto Intro: Here, you can configure an automatic email response to any contacts you get! Great Ice breaker and a way to start the ball rolling when getting a new business connection
  • Email Signature: You can customize your email signatures for automated emails. 
  • Profile Link edit: By default, it assigns you a random combination of letters and numbers, but you can change it here for something more meaningful and marketable. 
  • Remove Branding: Here, you can remove the Popl Branding logo if you are on the free version.
  • Devices: Devices allow you to see all the cellphones, computers, or other hardware where you have your Popl. You can add or erase any device from this tab. 
  • Popl Teams Trial: One of the most outstanding features of Popl is its test capabilities! It helps you manage and track as many business executives or employees as you want. Excellent for sellers. You can learn more here. 

Popl Reviews Pros and Cons


  • The experience with the Popl Business Card was great; stellar support team, great features, and probably the best UX/UI interface out of all the digital cards out there.
  • So convenient, easy to use, and a great concept. People love seeing it in action and the ease of connection.
  • Popl is excellent for my company to gain lead information and have a digital business card. The software aligns with our sustainability message and integrates seamlessly with our CSM.


  • Some CRM integrations are being improved as we type, but some bugs exist here and there. 
  • Limitations with older phones. (This is getting mitigated as everyday phones to evolve)
  • Contacts grouping (I dont know how to see my contacts in the order I want) 


Overall, we think Popl Business Card has much potential to replace traditional business cards. 

Once more people catch on to the app and start using it regularly, we think it could become the new standard for exchanging contact information. 

In the meantime, it’s still an excellent option for eco-conscious entrepreneurs who want to ditch paper business cards for good!

Popl is an excellent company that offers many benefits. I was worried because I was not able to customize the physical card too much besides the color (Black)  

However, what the Popl Business Card lacks in hardware design pays with extra value on the digital format. 

Popl Business Card is easy to use and technologically advanced! Also, there is no better feeling than knowing that you made a great first impression. The first time I saw a Popl Business Card , I got intrigued and excited to learn more.

So, If I were you (And if you because I got one), get one and try them! And I recommend the black one is so sleek and stylish that this might be a new opportunity to say that once you go black, you never go back.

See you soon in other popl business card reviews (other products like flats, tags and bracelets). If you have tried any digital cards, let me know your thoughts! If you want more information on Popl you can see how it compares other great card on my Popl vs Dot review


Who is Popl Best for

Popl Business Cards are a great way to exchange contact information. They are incredibly convenient for people who frequently travel, attend networking events, or are in any industry. Also, great for large teams. 

Do Popl digital business cards require a subscription?

Popl cards do NOT require a monthly fee to use them. I got the Pro version to give you a full review but going Pro is 100% optional. However, after trying it, I would definitely recommend it even more if you have teams.

How does Popl work? 

Popl Business Card are digital business cards, NFC stickers, or even bracelets you put on your phone that makes sharing easy. All someone needs to do is tap their with an NFC-able phone or online service, and they’ll be taken directly into the info you configure for them- no need for Bluetooth!


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